America invited to leave Iraq: Pain, not just failure

America invited to leave Iraq: Pain, not just failure

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                        When the Iraqi Congress passed a resolution calling for a US withdrawal, Washington was no longer a guest. If you decide to stay, the US is just a bully.

The US has become an uninvited guest in Iraq

According to Reuters, on January 6, during the meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew H. Tueller, Prime Minister Abdel Mahdi called on the US to coordinate the implementation of a resolution passed by the Iraqi National Assembly on January 5, which requested Foreign forces withdrew from Iraq.

On the same day, Prime Minister Mahdi also had a similar discussion with his German counterpart Angela Merkel on the spirit of the resolution that the Iraqi legislature passed after the US attacked Baghdad airport and killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

These are special external events of the Iraqi government that show Baghdad’s position in relations with Washington, after the US military was accused of violating Iraq’s national sovereignty through an air raid that killed General Soleimani.

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Murdering General Soleimani, the US made himself an uninvited guest in Iraq

It is noteworthy that these special external events took place against a backdrop of political movements in Iraq, which showed a deviation between Baghdad and Washington after the assassination of the Quds Force commander. of Iran.

On January 3, shortly after the US air strike into Baghdad airport and the killing of General Soleimani, Iraqi President Barham Saleh criticized Washington’s “belligerent action” and said that Iraq would be unstable if the argument do not take precedence

National Assembly Chairman Muhammad Al-Halbousi condemned the US attack on the commander of the Quds unit of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and Deputy Commander of the Paramilitary Hashed al-Shaabi in Iraq.

Parliament Chairman Halbousi called on the Iraqi government to take action to ensure political security and legitimacy to prevent similar attacks and to prevent Iraq from becoming a battleground for foreign fighters.

Iraq’s National Assembly Vice President Hassan al-Kaabi has even called for an emergency session of Congress to “make decisions to end the US presence in Iraq, so that Washington can end its arrogance and risk.” domains “.

Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi described the US attack in Baghdad as a “violation” of conditions for US troops stationed in Iraq. He said the US presence should be limited to training Iraqi forces against terrorism.

On January 5, the Iraqi National Assembly officially passed a resolution demanding the end of the presence of foreign troops in Iraq, asking the Iraqi government to stop requesting assistance from the US-led coalition against IS.

“The Iraqi government needs to work to end all foreign military presence in Iraqi territory and prevent them from using our land, airspace and seas for any reason.”

This shows that the political ruling in Iraq has determined to invite the US and its allies to leave Iraq, after Washington launched its own actions, treating Iraq as a place without people.

But in response to Baghdad’s request, Washington took a tough stance, when the White House to the Pentagon asserted that the US had no plans to withdraw its troops from Iraq, the US did not want to leave Iraq.

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Trump’s hammer-like foreign policy makes America more insecure

Even President Trump threatens to punish heavily Iraq if Baghdad insists on a US withdrawal in the context of tensions between the United States and Iran heating up hours after the killing of Generalimim Soleimani.

Thus, the US military will remain in Iraq, the US will still be present in Iraq. However, with the disordered movements between Baghdad and Washington, it is clear that America’s position and status in Iraq has changed. That is the position and status of the uninvited guest.

It can be seen that, after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the US presence in Iraq was in the position and status of invited guests. Because the US presence in Iraq is based on an agreement between Baghdad and Washington, whether it is security or coordination against ISIS.

America became an uninvited guest in Iraq, the pain, not just the failure

The increasingly American defeat of Iran in demonstrating its influence on both political and social life in Iraq is the undeniable defeat of the “eradication of democratic dictatorship” that Washington has carried out. in Iraq.

However, the fact that the US was turned into an uninvited guest by Iraq is not only a failure of Washington, but also a pain of the United States. Worth mentioning is that the more Washington is determined to stay in Iraq, the more it will become in America, simply from becoming a predator.

According to analysts, Washington prepared for the Iraqi game very carefully, not just starting with “eliminating dictatorship” Saddam Hussein and “sowing democracy” for Iraq after Saddam. This is reflected in the empowerment of the Kurds in Iraq.

It can be seen that, based on UN Resolution 688, depriving Saddam Hussein’s control of the Kurds over the establishment of a no-fly zone in northern Iraq, Washington’s perfect departure.

Along with that is to force Iraq to compensate the war for Kuwait but must perform in the context of sanctions. That fact exhausted Iraq and it made the power of President Sasddam Hussein unstable.

It is recognized that this is an extremely important premise to make “eliminating dictators” Saddam Hussein easier for Washington and also create the best basis for “sowing democracy”.

Obviously, the United States is the host of the Iraqi banquet in the post-Saddam Hussein and the treaties, be they specialties or bureaucracy, are also at Washington’s discretion. The fierceness of Washington in the beginning caused many diners to leave, leaving the US to monopolize the banquet table.

My newly released Iraq: Dau chu khong chi bai bai
America from the banquet gradually turned into a predator at the Iraqi banquet

But because the US had many mistakes, the menu had to be redone and the Iraqi banquet table was no longer under US monopoly, but gradually the US became a guest when it was unknown. But anyway, America is still a guest of Baghdad.

However, when the Iraqi Congress passed a resolution calling for US troops to withdraw, not to use Iraqi territory for any purpose, it was clear that Washington was no longer a guest. In this case, if we stay, the US is just a predator.

But with the position of the bully, the longer you sit at the banquet table, the more humiliating. Perhaps the US government wants to carry out its ploy so it does not take this seriously, but for the American people, this is really a shame.

Perhaps America’s strategic planners cannot imagine the time when the United States will fall into this ironic situation in Iraq. Neither American strength, American interests, or American values ​​can help change America’s position in this ironic situation.

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