America helplessly see TurkStream in action

America helplessly see TurkStream in action

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                        What TurkStream gives Turkey is not only an economic issue but also a defense and security issue.

RT on 9/1 quoted Mr. Sakir Arikan, Managing Director of TurkAkim Gas, said that TurkStream pipeline, supplying Russian gas to Turkey under the Black Sea, will help enhance energy security for the whole. Southern Europe and the US will not be able to interfere with it.

The 930km long pipeline was inaugurated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a special ceremony on January 8.

The project was completed in less than 3 years, despite strong opposition from Washington. This shows Ankara’s determination as well as the support of many European countries.

The United States has warned that TurkStream will make Europe too dependent on Russia’s energy supplies – and no longer need to buy U.S. LNG at a more expensive price.

My first time I watched TurkStream
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

When the RT reporter questioned, will the US continue to act to sabotage the TurkStream project? Mr. Arikan emphasized that the US will not be able to act when the project is completed and put into operation.

Mithat Rende, a board member of Turkish energy company ENGIE, pointed out that the launch of the TurkStream pipeline will allow Ankara to diversify its energy supplies, which Turkey seeks. since the late 1990s.

This pipeline is very important to Turkey. Gas will be transferred directly from Russia to a receiving station located about 100 km from Istanbul, which will supply power to the city and the surrounding industrial areas.

Because of TurkStream’s importance, Ankara is willing to confront both the United States and several EU countries to complete the project. What TurkStream brings is not only economic but also security and defense.

The TurkStream project will connect Russia with the European side of Turkey and the Greek border through the Black Sea floor with two pipelines with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters each.
One pipeline intends to transport gas from Russia to Turkey and the second is to supply southern and southeastern Europe. Gazprom considers Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary to be Russia’s potential gas markets.

Bulgaria has begun receiving Russian gas through the Turkish Flow pipeline since January 1, while Northern Macedonia and Greece began receiving Moscow gas on January 5 via a compressor station. Strandja-2 gas in Bulgaria.

TurkStream was originally planned to be operational in December 2016, but was discontinued in October 2015 due to a prolonged diplomatic crisis between Ankara and Moscow. The project was finally restarted in September 2016.

TurkStream and the Northern Stream pipeline -2 (Nord Stream-2) are considered to be the pincer of Russian gas surrounding Europe, increasing the share of Russian gas in Europe.

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