America: Gunfire horrified, pregnant woman died ...

America: Gunfire horrified, pregnant woman died …

Early on the morning of January 24 (local time), there was a shooting in northern Indianapolis in Indiana, USA. The shooting took the lives of 5 people and a baby still in the womb.

My: Far away from the wild, the father said ...
The scene of the shooting caused many deaths in this state.

Three people were admitted to the hospital with gunshot wounds at about 3:15 a.m. One of the two victims has survived the critical crisis while the other two have stabilized.

Indiana mayor Joe Hogsett, the mayor of Indianapolis, has accused this of being a “mass murder.”

Indianapolis Police Chief Randal Taylor said a teenager was seriously injured after the shooting. The shootings are “the largest shooting deaths in more than 10 years the city of Indianapolis”.

“Today, Indianapolis has lost many lives, including an unborn life. Justice will be done,” said the Indianapolis Police Chief.

My: Far away from the wild, the father said ...
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett condolences the death of the shooting.

Before that, the city police officers received information that a person had been shot before 4 a.m. (local time). After being at the scene, police discovered “a teenager with many gunshot injuries”, city police spokesman Shane Foley said.

Next, the officers received more information that more people had been killed in the original scene a short distance. Here, they found that 5 people including 1 pregnant woman died “from gunshot”, Mr. Foley added.

“After the medical staff attempted to give first aid, but both the woman and the fetus did not survive. The possibility of a young man being injured by a gunshot can be saved despite suffering many injuries, “Mr. Foley announced.

Identities of dead victims include 42-year-old Kezzie Childs; Raymond Childs 42 years old; Elijah Childs 18 years old; Rita Childs 13 years old; Kiara Hawkins 19 years old and baby in the womb.

On the afternoon of January 24, the police were still unable to determine the identities of the shooting suspects. But it is likely that there are more than 2 suspects involved in this shooting.

Police arrived at the scene of the shooting in Indianapolis, USA:

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