America gradually weakened, while China rose strongly
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America gradually weakened, while China rose strongly

(International relations) – According to analysts, Washington’s unique position may be lost to Beijing, when the US is weakening, and China is growing stronger day by day.

Some experts commented that, the continued attacks by US officials against China will weaken and stop immediately after the election in November next. However, some other experts do not think so, because Washington is really concerned about Beijing.

In fact, US attacks on China are unlikely to end, as there are two factors that lead to that, according to a CounterPunch commentary.

The first is The reason for the pressure on China is quite profound and beyond the election and to some individual individuals, it is a matter of possible ideology. Monday is These problems involve the distribution of power, the domination and control of great powers, and the settlement of them takes decades, if not hundreds of years.

China overtakes the US in technology and investment?

Especially according to the author of the article, what is easy to see is the competition happening in the field of science and technology. And precisely because China has come to the fore in technology, this raises concern for the West.

Moreover, they know that possessing science and technology gives the country strength and power.

Thanks to the superiority in science and technology, along with high quality human resources, China has become the world’s factory, dominating the production chain of high quality goods, with affordable prices in several decade.

Successful market penetration has made China an indispensable country all over the world.

Even in the entertainment industry, Chinese companies have created famous products, such as social sharing platform Tiktok, popular search site Baidu …

The author of the article also talks about the project “New Silk Road”, which will leave a mark on humanity if this project is successfully implemented.

If China’s development continues as it is now, in the near future China will take the lead of the world, depriving the United States of dominance over the past few decades. And this is something that Washington officials cannot accept.

Another strong pillar of American strength is that the dollar has been regarded for several decades as the “reserve currency of the world”, but is now losing ground.

For example, in 2015, when 90% of bilateral transactions between China and Russia were done in dollars, it has now dropped to 51%.

My people love to go, while China is raging
China is challenging the United States’ unique position in the world

This is due to Washington’s sanctions against Beijing and Moscow in the financial sector, causing the two countries to switch to payments in their national currency or by means of exchange of parity or another currency. like euros.

The United States is weakening and losing influence

But the author notes, it is not only the rise of China that has led to the decline of the United States. According to CounterPunch, American misconceptions about power, human rights, and hegemonic aspirations also play a role.

Besides, the influence of the United States is also decreasing in other areas, leaving only external flashiness.

For example, the US military’s arsenal, though many, but since World War II until now they have not won a major conflict. The US wars in the past few decades in Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan… are examples of this.

Meanwhile, China’s military potential is growing stronger, with the second defense budget in the world (just behind the US). Over the past two decades, China has made efforts to develop a powerful defense technology capable of manufacturing world-class weapons, making the country’s military now able to challenge its military status. America is in the Asia-Pacific and is trying to capture American kip on the world level.

The United States is also maintaining its global dominance through an extensive Western propaganda network, which has always hailed the United States as the greatest country on earth, but this image has faded with the times. period and after US intervention in Iraq.

Even more damaging to the image of the United States is due to the actions of the US authorities, which did not manage the country effectively, which was evident in the war. anti-pandemic COVID-19 (Coranavirus) and the economic crisis due to its impact.

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