My: Dang Dan just got his first ride at the last $ 1,900 billion picture 1Overview of a session of the US Congress in Washington, DC. (Source: AFP / VNA)

Democrats in the US on February 2 took the first step toward promoting Relief package COVID-19 worth $ 1,900 billion by the administration of the new President Joe Biden proposed without Republican support.

The Senate has voted by party to pave the way for a debate about a budget solution in fiscal 2021, with spending guidelines for supporting the economy during the pandemic.

Using this strategy will give Democrats a legal instrument to enact stimulus package at Biden’s proposal before Republican opposition.

[Tổng thống Mỹ Joe Biden thúc đẩy gói cứu trợ 1.900 tỷ USD]

After the Senate, on the afternoon of February 2, the House of Representatives also began discussing the stimulus package, voting at 216-210, with no Republicans in favor.

Debates are expected to last through the week. If the stimulus is passed, Democratic Party a separate and detailed bailout bill will be drafted, as early as mid-March, before final votes can be cast.

Mr. Biden and other Democrats are looking to launch a new round of direct aid funding to Americans to help stimulate the impacted economy of the blockade, and pour more money into Programs such as immunizations to additional benefits for the unemployed.

In a Feb. 2 statement, Mr. Biden told Democrats that he was ready to make some adjustments to the stimulus package, but an alternative Republican proposal was not enough.

On February 1, Mr. Biden met with 10 senators from the Republican party to discuss the plan worth 618 billion USD./.

Le Minh (VNA / Vietnam +)