America calmly before the heart of the Middle East storm

America calmly before the heart of the Middle East storm

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                        “At this time, we have no information showing what specific and credible threat to the country.”

On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it did not have information about any specific threats targeting the US, but DHS also warned that the groups were likely to proceed. “campaigns” in the US.

In a news release following the US attack on Iraqi international airport that killed Iranian General Soleimani, DHS announced: “At this time, we have no information showing a specific threat. and credible to the country. “

My binh lam truoc tam bao Trung Dong
US President Donald Trump.

However, the ministry also warned Iran and partners like Hezbollah that showed its intention and ability to conduct “operations” in the United States. According to DHS, Iran could launch attacks with temporary disruptive effects on critical US infrastructure.

Washington still seemed very calm after Tehran threatened to avenge Generalimani’s death. Perhaps, the United States is ready for all possible scenarios. Or the United States is sure that Iran will not be ready to face total force.

Earlier, Iran threatened to retaliate against the “devastating” US after the Pentagon announced President Trump directed the air strike to kill General Soleimani.

Tehran’s determination to avenge is also manifested through the action of hanging a red flag on the roof of Jamkaran mosque in the holy city of Qom (Iran) at the ceremony in honor of Mr. Soleimani.

In Shiite Islam, the red flag represents unjust bloodshed and is a call for vengeance for the murdered. This is the first time a red flag has been hung on the roof of Jamkaran cathedral, after a warning to return the US.

Analysts said that, despite the tensions in US-Iran relations that culminated in Generalimimani’s death, Tehran would not conduct military operations against the United States.

Iran understands that it is not the right time to confront the United States directly or put the United States into a forced position, especially in the context of Tehran’s great Middle Eastern plan.

After the death of General Soleimani, Iran has always had the words “big hammer”, declared “fierce” revenge, but so far no concrete action has been confirmed.

On the one hand, Tehran still maintains its face, on the one hand, it still keeps “water from falling”. Time will cool US-Iran tensions, then the death of General Soleimani will mean a great deal on the negotiating table if the US wants to talk to Tehran.

History has shown that Iran will not confront the United States on the front lines. Tehran is a master at attacking soft targets, starting in Iraq, and being able to expand to other countries.

For its part, the United States will not let tension with Iran exceed the limit. President Trump has achieved his goal of diverting public opinion and media after the House of Representatives wanted to impeach him just before the election.

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