America bought Greek seaport, choking the entrance to the Black Sea?
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America bought Greek seaport, choking the entrance to the Black Sea?

(International relations) – The US will buy a strategic seaport in Greece (to take control of four ports), a project of the entrance to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Greece privatized four strategic seaports

As part of the privatization plan, the Greek Private Asset Utilization Fund (HRADF), as an agency in charge of privatization, is continuing to sell a 67% stake in the port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece and two US companies are believed to be interested in the deal.

A related announcement issued by HRADF emphasized that the bidding consisted of two phases and “in the first phase interested parties are invited to express their intention to participate in the tender before 17:00 on 2 October 2020” .

According to the media, two US companies have expressed interest in buying back shares of the port.

The approval of the Greek leadership to sell a seaport of strategic importance to US companies, along with the ability of US and NATO troops to use it, raises many questions. with political and military experts.

According to Christos Dukas, former chairman and CEO of the Port Authority of Alexandroupolis (OLA), the stock package for sale is not only of Alexandroupolis port, but it also involves 4 different seaports.

“HRADF has announced the tender to sell controlling shares (!) At the port of Alexandroupolis. So what’s there? That is we are talking about the sale of ports in the Thrace Sea (the northern part of the Aegean Sea, along the Thrace coast) to private investors “- Mr. Dukas declared.

The former official revealed that Greek authorities did not say a thing that the company’s shares related to the four ports of the Thrace Sea were Alexandroupolis, Makri, Kamariotissa-Samothraki, Terma-Samothraki.

HRADF’s announcement on an international tender for the sale of the port management company in Alexandroupolis stated: “The Greek State grants the exclusive right to use and operate the land, buildings and structures in the Alexandroupolis port area, the fishing port. Makris for the port management company at Alexandroupolis. The company is also responsible for the administration of Kamariotissa-Samothraki port and Terma-Samothraki fishing port ”.

Entrusting national security to US companies

According to the former Greek official, the Athenian leadership also refused to explain what the transfer of controlling shares to a private “investor” really meant.

According to him, this means deregulation of the government (currently, the state-owned company form), handing over the management and management of ports to foreign investors, transferring all both functions and services for the private sector, even the ones of public and social nature “- noted Mr. Christos Dukas.

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The strategic position of the seaports that the US may possess in Greece

In addition, based on his history and global experience in port management, the former official reiterates his lesson about the privatization of ports in Britain under Prime Minister Thatcher and the problems that followed. There, he emphasized, does not have a wise national leader selling his basic infrastructure to foreign investors.

“Let’s look at the facts, but not at the facts that the port sale promoter wants to present to us. Selling ports is extremely dangerous from a national security standpoint. Think of what happens if a foreign investor, such as China or the US, is involved in the management of ports located in the Thrace Sea, which play an irreplaceable role in border protection. world and defense “- Mr. Dukas said.

He emphasized that the development of most ports in the world follows the “landlord port model” (the state and the local government run together) and that no country will develop its own port by shifting. transfer ownership, administration and management rights to private investors.

Agreement to upgrade US-Greek military cooperation

It is worth noting that the signing of a new defense agreement between Greece and the United States in October 2019 granted Americans the right to use the country’s seaport infrastructure.

Mr. Christos Trellis, member of Greece’s Commission on International Relations and Peace (EEDYE), resident of Alexandroupolis city, noted the establishment of a US-NATO base at Alexandroupolis port, as a result of the signing. an agreement to upgrade defense cooperation between Greece and the United States in December 2019.

Accordingly, the US can expand the Suda base at Krit and Greece to provide the US with the infrastructure of Stefanovikio, Larisa and Alexandroupolis bases, as well as ensure the possibility of an agreement with Greece on the US use of any Any military bases in this country.

Control the flow of energy and military artery

Of these four ports, Alexandroupolis and Makri are located on the southwest coast of Greece, while the two ports of Kamariotissa-Samothraki and the fishing port Terma-Samothraki are on the Black Sea Samothraki Island located near the entrance / exit to the Dardanellia Strait (Dardanelles ) connecting the Aegean Sea with the Sea of ​​Marmara, has a very important position.

If the US and NATO own a military base here they can control all ships from the Mediterranean into the Aegean, across the Dardanelles into the Marmara Sea and across the Bosphorus to into the Black Sea. Thus, the possession of these four ports can help the United States control the artery sea route of the Mediterranean-Black Sea.

In addition, the sale of ports to a US company will also place the area at the “epicenter of the storm” in the event of a serious situation, because who owns these ports will be able to energy flow control.

“It is clear that currently in the Alexandroupolis area, in the face of fierce competition, a game is taking place to control the area, who will regulate the benefits from the energy routes, who will have the right to Military control in the area. In addition to the two existing pipelines, a third pipeline is being prepared, which means the situation must be under special control.

However, in addition to the privatization of the port at Alexandroupoli, there is also the bigger problem of the US-NATO military base. This facility serves as a vehicle for imposing US-NATO interests in the region.

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