AMD Zen 2 officially launched with the X570 chipset

AMD Zen 2 officially launched with the X570 chipset

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AMD CPU series brings architecture Zen 2 officially launched with R9 3900X, R7 3800X, R7 3700X, R5 3600X and R5 3600. Along with this new CPU line is the X570 chipset.

Today is a big day for red team lovers. AMD has officially launched the new Ryzen 3000 CPU with architecture Zen 2. At the same time, along with this new CPU, AMD has released the X570 chipset platform. This is the first time a CPU line has been released for users with 7nm lithography and contains more than 10 cores. Even in September, AMD "bombed" the R9 3950 with 16 cores. At the same time, the X570 chipset will bring the 4th generation PCIe for the first time.

CPU versions Zen 2 The recently released R9 3900X ($ 499), R7 3800X (399 USD), R7 3700X (329 USD), R5 3600X (249 USD) and R5 3600 (199 USD). After surveying some of Vietnam's electronics selling sites, it seems that you will pay no more than 10% of the USD price for this product.

Currently, many of the famous game review sites have measured results, and there is an article on reddit that synthesizes them fully. In general, some preliminary conclusions can be drawn Zen2 was:

  • About the game, the best CPU "king" for the game still belongs to i9-9900k. But with improved technology and more competitive prices, AMD has put more pressure on Intel and has so much money that performance gaps are no longer significant.
  • About production, Zen2 outperform all CPUs Intel has in the same price range, and even surpass some previous Threadripper CPUs.
  • Although on "paper", many motherboards support Zen 2But when designing old chipset motherboards, many companies did not consider AMD "scooping up" 12-core CPUs, and all 16 cores, into future motherboards, leading to a lack of motherboard design. power supply. If you buy Ryzen CPUs from 12 cores, you should pay attention to your motherboard.

Finally, next to the CPU line Zen 2 new, AMD also officially released the new line of architecture Navi architecture.

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