AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform has "landed" in Vietnam

AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform has "landed" in Vietnam

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On July 16, AMD officially introduced the platform AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform in Vietnam market and also the first market in Southeast Asia.

After an impressive debut on July 7 worldwide for its range of X570 chipsets, 3000 series Ryzen CPU series to AMD RX 5700 Series graphics cards, built a completely new platform for The future generation of Gaming PC that Ms. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, called AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform, the company has started its "tour" around the world to launch its products.

And on July 16, AMD, along with its component manufacturers, organized its new product launch at New World Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. Come to the event, viewers will have the opportunity to experience powerful gaming and working systems around the AMD Ryzen 3000 Series processor and the RX 5700 Series graphics card with the slogan "bend the rules"!

The first "puzzle piece" of the platform AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform it's the X570 chipset that was introduced at the same time as the new generation CPUs. This is a special chipset that has a thermal design of up to 15W and requires an external cooling fan. It is also the first chipset in the world to support PCI Express 4.0 connectivity with double the previous generation bandwidth, paving the way for ultra-high-speed solid-state drives.

All motherboard models using X570 chips are strictly designed for power and CPU power phases to ensure CPU power. AMD Ryzen 3000 series With the number of realizations can be up to 16 times the product line Ryzen 9 3950X.

Mind the foundation AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform It is the 3000 Series Ryzen CPUs with the all-new Zen 2 architecture with many improved elements compared to the previous generation CPU.

Specifically, the company has increased the number of instructions for implementing an IPC (Instructions Per Cycle), or up to 45% higher energy efficiency than competitors due to being able to do so. fabricated on TSMC's 7nm manufacturing process.

Not only that, AMD also increased Gaming Cache memory of the new generation CPUs to much higher than previous generations of CPUs, even up to 70MB for the Ryzen 9 3950x CPU. The new generation microprocessor is also manufactured with some technological cooperation with Microsoft to reduce the time of "wake up" processing cores from 30ms to only 1ms to 2ms, optimize CPU operation and help save More energy saving in standby mode.

In addition to the traditional CPU models of the AMD Ryzen series of 3000 series, the company also continues to upgrade processors with integrated graphics processing chips when launching two AMD Ryzen 3 3300G and AMD Ryzen 5 3400G models. with Vega integrated graphics chip, providing the ability to play "heavy" games at low setting levels without the need for a discrete graphics card.

The final piece for AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform It is the RX 5700 Series graphics card with two RX 5700 and RX 5700XT versions. In particular, the RX 5700 will compete directly with the RTX 2060 and the RX 5700XT will be rivals of RTX 2070 at the same price.

Accompanied by two brand-new products, code-named AMD Navi, is not only the power of graphics processing but also technologies that enhance the experience for gamers such as AMD Fidelity FX help enhance image quality, AMD Anti-lag Reducing signal latency from input devices to monitors or even being able to feature Hybrid Ray Tracing brings ray detection technology to their graphics cards according to the patent that the company has submitted to the Office Brand protection and US patents.

With this "landing" in the Vietnamese market, gamers can fully expect it AMD Ultimate Gaming Platform to build high-end PC platforms with the ability to "fight" all heavy games in the near future. will update the latest reviews for you in the future.

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