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AMD surpasses Intel in both sales and market share in Japan and South Korea

Red team AMD is doing very well in Asia when Ryzen's market share is growing well and even surpassing Intel in some major markets.

According to Danwa Research, Danwa's market research company, one of the largest retail chains in Korea, the number of AMD Ryzen CPUs sold exceeded Intel Core in just a few days after the new Ryzen 3000 series officially went on. shelves Specifically, on Monday (July 8), AMD CPU sales saw a jump, accounting for 48.72% of CPU sales while this figure was only 28.24% the previous day. This shopping trend continued and after just 2 days, AMD CPU sales surpassed Intel's, the red team accounted for 53.36% of total CPU sales while Intel accounted for 46.64%.

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Danawa Research also shares information about users' interest in each brand on Danwa's retail site based on the number of clicks. The results also show the same thing when many users search for AMD products more than Intel, the user interest rate for AMD is 76.95% while only 23.05% of users prefer Intel. .

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Based on sales at Danwa's retail chains, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X accounting for 10.34% of sales, Ryzen 5 3600 accounted for 8.23%, Ryzen 5 2600 accounted for 7.5%, the most advanced Ryzen 9 3900X accounted for 4.92% while Ryzen 3 2200G was the cheapest with 3.25%. Meanwhile, Core i5-9400 is still the best-selling Intel CPU line in the Danwa retail chain with 14.55%, Core i7-9700K accounting for 9.08% but has just been usurped by Ryzen 7 3700X. The Core i9-9900K line of Intel's popular segment only accounted for 3.85% of the total CPU sales, lower than the newly released Ryzen 9 3900X because of its better performance / price when there are 12 cores. 24 threads but cost only 500 USD.

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In Japan, BCN Ranking has combined data from many retailers and announced Ryzen CPU has a bigger market share than Intel with 50.5% while Intel is 49.5%. The chart of BCN Ranking also shows that blue line ie Intel is plunging, from 72.1% in October 2018 to below 50% currently. On the other hand, AMD from 27.9% in October last year gradually took Intel's market share.

And yet, PassMark site collects data from thousands of user-uploaded benchmark results showing an alarming number for Intel. In Q1 this year, AMD has achieved the highest market share in the last 5 years and represents a global growth, not just a few areas. In addition to what Ryzen is showing, this processor line not only gets the trust of the general users but also the users in the high-end segment. At this rate, the CPU market will be more and more competitive with the next generation of processors.

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According to the market share of PassMark, Intel is from 76.90% Q1 2018 to 70.70% Q1 2019 while AMD increased from 23.10% to 29.30% in the same period. While Intel is still struggling with the 14nm process, AMD has dropped to 7nm partly thanks to chiplet design and if the blue team does not save itself from the process barrier, it is hard to avoid losing market share to the red team.

P / S: Let you wonder who is laughing and who is smiling in the picture, Dr. Lisa Su – AMD CEO is always smiling at the media meetings and introducing new products and on the contrary is a sad face by Brian Kraznich – former CEO of Intel, who left the company in the middle of last year because of the scandal of intimate relationships with employees, currently Robert Swan – former CFO of Intel has taken over for him.


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