AMD "surpassed" Intel in Japan and South Korea

AMD "surpasses" Intel in Japan and South Korea

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According to a study by retailer Danawa, AMD's market share has been more than Intel for the first time in recent years in Japan and South Korea.

AMD – In the latest announcement of retailer Danawa, one of the largest technology retailer in kimchi, the market share of AMD first surpassed the "blue team" on July 6 last year and reached 53.6% in the two major markets of Asia.

The reason AMD This success was largely due to the launch of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series, which was launched on July 7, through which new generation "red team" CPUs consistently entered the top selling products. Best run in two countries market.

The CPU product line achieved the highest sales of the "blue team" market today Intel Core i5 9400F there have been Ryzen 7 3700x "Usurpation" at the top, while the Ryzen 5 3600x followed closely behind, ranking third in the overall sales of the two countries.

The revenue growth of the Ryzen 3000series CPUs is extremely impressive. Even a high-end product line, priced at up to 499USD as Ryzen 3900x has achieved spectacular growth, surpassing the sales of another mid-range Intel product line such as Core i5 9600K.

Intel has lost a lot of market share to AMD since October 2018, making the total market share fall from 72.1% to just 49.5% in early July.

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