AMD may have "killed" Radeon VII to make room for a "scallop" Navi

AMD may have "killed" Radeon VII to make way for a "scallop" Navi.

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With the introduction of Navi architecture graphics cards, especially the RX 5700 XT, some sources claim that the Radeon VII has been "deadly", and it is likely that AMD will release a more powerful version of Navi to confront Nvidia.

Earlier this year, AMD introduced Radeon VII, the first 7nm graphics card for general consumers. It is a modified card from Radeon Instinct MI50, which is only for servers.

Entering the market, AMD Radeon VII is expected to be the main rival of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080. However, compared to RTX 2080, Radeon VII has caused "mild" disappointment. Radeon VII is a product with strengths in computing tasks, professional work, but almost behind competitors in almost every game. Moreover, the 16GB capacity HBM2 memory has the advantage of speed, but it is costly. Excessive "price" of HBM2 caused AMD to start selling Radeon VII at $ 729.

Therefore, it is not surprising that AMD decided to let Radeon VII "cover up" soon.

As the French cowcotland website reports, Radeon VII has reached the end-of-life state after only five months. That means production will be suspended and the company will only sell inventory products. The reason for this move is the recent Radeon Navi graphics card launch, specifically the RX 5700 XT. It's performance in games is only 5% to 10% lower than Radeon VIIBut, the price is significantly lower, and it costs less.

However, the "death" of Radeon VII perhaps also carries some positive effect. AMD certainly wants to confront high-end products from Nvidia, and although the company has not been able to reach the RTX 2080 Ti with Vega, at the present time, the company has the potential to achieve that thanks to ants. Navi architecture. In the near future, we can very well see a Navi graphics card, but with a far greater strength than the RX 5700 XT.

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