AMD is about to launch a 3rd generation Threadripper for Intel

AMD is about to launch a 3rd generation Threadripper to "downgrade" Intel

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CPU line information Threadripper The third generation from AMD has started to emerge, promising to "squeeze" Intel in the HEDT segment.

AMD seems to be planning a "massacre" of Intel by releasing the Ryzen processor line Threadripper 3rd generation at the same time Intel launched the 10th generation Core processor "Cascade Lake-X" on the "Glacial Fall" chipset platform.

The source that Techpowerup mentioned is quite certain that they are not confused with the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-core processor, as it has been officially announced and will be available in September.

Ryzen Threadripper The 3rd generation is most likely a "cropping" version of Rome, the EPYC CPU line carries AMD's Zen2 architecture for the server. These new Threadripper chips are highly capable of being compatible with existing TR4 motherboards if the BIOS is updated. Of course a new chipset is likely to be released to integrate PCI-Express gene 4.0. And stay Threadripper In the third generation, AMD can bring up a 64-core new CPU, including 8 7nm Zen2 chiplets.

With CPU line Threadripper This new, perhaps AMD wants to crush Intel in the HEDT segment (high-end desktops), and it can also beat a lot of Intel's Xeon CPUs, which are designed for workstation servers. So, don't know how powerful AMD's EPYC CPUs will be.

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