New Wold Weapon Mastery Tree

Amazon show off new Zones and Expeditions in New World Deep Dive

The New World Deep Dive featured a brief look at Weapons crafting and more, detailing the new features and updated systems.


A look at the Talent trees associated with Weapon Mastery. Image via Amazon Games Studio.

New World’s weapon system fits into the classes gameplay. There are 11 weapons available at launch, with the new one being an Ice Gauntlet. The Ice Gauntlet is an ice-themed magical weapon, which uses ice powers to defeat enemies.

Furthermore, the developers mention that the weapon levelling process has changed, with changed weapon talent trees, abilities, and more for balance. They didn’t go into too much detail but showed a picture of a weapon’s skill tree in the video.


New World Deep Dive mention the starting process of the game had changed. While they didn’t precisely say what has happened, there were murmurs of an improved starting experience, improving quest competition and reducing the bottleneck in the starting zone.


Crafting is now a significant player in New World, with player’s looking to become a known server crafter getting the opportunity to do so. As it stands, New World’s various crafting jobs can make end game like gear. This is one way to make end game quality items ready to do Expeditions PvP and other content.


After the debacle relating to the proposed microtransaction boosts, New World’s deep dive featured a small segment reaffirming the in-game store will only feature cosmetics. In a previous blog post, they said that the in-game shop would feature skins akin to skins achievable through in-game methods. Also, the blog post states they were not to vastly outshine those in the game. Furthermore, they have said that as the game changes over the years, the store may change.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s Deep Dive seems a bit vaguer than their promise to keep it cosmetics only until 2022, but it does sound like the idea of catch-up services could come into effect. Only time will tell what that means.

That is all from the New World Deep Dive. Those interested can get Closed Alpha access on July 30 by signing up or pre-ordering the game. Alternatively, the game launches on August 31st, shortly after the Crowfall MMO launch.

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