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Amazon launched the 3rd generation Kindle Oasis book reader, turned pages faster, changed color temperatures, priced from $ 250

Amazon has just introduced the 3rd generation of Kindle Oasis series of readers, improving page turning speed as well as adding color temperature adjustment features. Its recommended price is 250 USD for 8 GB version and 280 USD for 32 GB version.

In addition to the new features, the configuration of the 3rd generation Kindle Oasis remains the same compared to the 2 like 7 inch E-ink 300 ppi screen, easy-to-use one-handed design, waterproof, and Bluetooth support for Audible reading books. Unfortunately, the device continues to use an outdated micro USB charger.

The biggest highlight of the 3rd generation Kindle Oasis is the ability to change the color temperature of the screen, making it easier for users to read at night or simply like the yellow color like real paper. You can schedule a switch like the phone's Night Mode or manual adjustment. This feature is also the biggest difference of Oasis compared to the lower line, PaperWhite, which has recently been added to the water feature.

Amazon said it also uses new e-Ink ink technology to speed up page turning, but doesn't say how much it improves compared to second generation Oasis.

The price of 3rd generation Kindle Oasis is unchanged from the previous version, 250 USD for 8 GB line and 280 USD for 32 GB line. The company also has an integrated 3G version but of course the fee will be higher. Amazon will officially sell 3rd generation Kindle on 24/7.


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