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Amazon is about to introduce high-end smart speakers and smart robots

According to the latest rumors, Amazon is currently preparing to introduce more advanced smart speakers of the Echo series to be able to compete directly with Apple HomePod, Sonos One and Google Home Max smart speakers.

According to Bloomberg sources, this new high-end smart speaker product will have at least 4 tweeter drivers on the inside and will be delivered to consumers by 2020. Prototype prototype of this model also It has a round cylindrical shape similar to existing Echo patterns but has a larger size and diameter so that it can carry more components than the remaining models.

Amazon currently has only a few products for high-end audio schools such as Echo Sub and Echo Link Amp. Instead of focusing on high-end products, Amazon aims to develop complete Alexa virtual assistants and increase Alexa's popularity and compatibility with household products. Thanks to this policy, Alexa now appears on many different audio devices and also makes Echo become the most popular speaker model in the US market with a lot of compatible devices from TV, thermometer. to family protection systems.

The remaining products in the Echo product line will also be updated slightly to the new version generation this fall.

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There is also another product project that attracts a lot of attention, the robot that uses Alexa to control is called "Vesta". The first product is expected to be announced this year, but many internal sources say the product is not yet ready for mass production, and currently Amazon is mobilizing a lot of engineers from other projects to rush to complete this project.

Vesta's test version has a hip height, moves using wheels and uses a range of directional moving cameras. The purpose of using the robot has not been specifically introduced, but according to many observation sources, this may be mobile Alexa, according to the user to the room or the location has no Echo speaker.

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The HomePod model is still Apple's only smart speaker, sold primarily based on Apple's audio quality and eco-system. Apple also had to lower the price of the product to $ 299 and enhance Siri's compatibility features to compete, but this product only accounted for a very small portion of the smart speaker market and compared to Amazon and Google. it is far more than a dozen times.


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