Amazon Echo or Google Nest: which one to buy?

Amazon Echo or Google Nest: which one to buy?

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Speakers today are much more than just music players. Smart speakers are gaining more and more space on the market, integrating sound quality and access to digital assistants. In this article, we’ll compare the top-of-the-line speakers from Amazon and Google to make it easier to choose which speaker to buy: Amazon Echo Studio or Google Nest Audio?

  • Sound quality

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Connectivity

  • Price

  • Privacy

  • Which to buy: Echo Studio or Nest Audio?

Sound quality

With the rise of virtual assistants, the basic function of a speaker may have been left a little behind, but it remains essential. If your main goal when choosing a speaker is to listen to music and other audio content, your choice should fall to Echo Studio. With five speakers and Dolby Atmos technology, the box guarantees an immersive and complete sound experience.

The Amazon device also scans the environment in which it is placed to determine its acoustics and automatically make the necessary adjustments to provide a personalized sound experience. The sound of Nest Audio is not far behind and the speaker also has a system of recognition and adaptation to the environment. According to Google, it is possible to adopt stereo sound quality with the pairing of two devices.

Which one is the best: Amazon Echo Studio

Virtual Assistants

The other key feature of smart boxes is the connection to virtual assistants. In this regard, it is impossible to point a winner of the duel between Echo Studio and Nest Audio. Although different – Alexa on Echo and Google Assistant on Nest – virtual assistants have the same ability to do internet searches, answering questions and offering services, such as stopwatch, timer and alarm. Both assistants are activated in a simple way and respond to commands quickly and effectively.

Which one is the best: A tie


The presence of virtual assistants in the speakers also allows connectivity with different services and this is a differential of Echo Studio. Through Alexa Skills, you can, for example, buy a meal on iFood or call a car on Uber. On the other hand, Nest Audio stands out for those who have a smart home, with compatibility with other Google devices, smart bulbs, and more. Amazon’s box also has connectivity, but there are fewer Alexa-compatible devices.

Which one is the best: Google Nest Audio


The most unbalanced dispute in this duel is the price. Newly arrived in Brazil, Google Nest Audio has a suggested price of R $ 849, with sales in the main retail chains in the country. In turn, Echo Studio, sold exclusively on Amazon’s website, costs R $ 1,614, almost double the value. For those who are eyeing Echo, a suggestion is to wait for special dates like Prime Day and Black Friday. It is also worth noting that Amazon offers 30-day trial of the speaker. After this period, the customer can return the device and receive the full amount paid back.

Which one is the best: Google Nest Audio


Both Amazon and Google report that their devices have users’ privacy as one of their priorities. The two speakers have a button to disable the microphone and the capture of ambient audio. In addition, it is possible to give a voice command to the two assistants to delete the entire search history.

However, it is worth noting that, like other technological products – especially with regard to technology giants of the size of Amazon and Google, the speakers capture information and data from consumers, often less when, apparently, these functions are restricted.

Which one is the best: A tie

Which to buy: Echo Studio or Nest Audio?

Both speakers have high quality, modern design and first-rate virtual assistant capabilities. However, the Google Nest Audio seems to have a relatively higher cost-benefit ratio, as its price is almost half that of the competitor with very similar specifications. On the other hand, for users more interested in high-quality sound to liven up a party, listen to the news or follow their favorite podcasts, the Echo Studio has bigger robustness, power and quality of audio.

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