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The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has a similar design to the Galaxy Note8 in almost every way. This is probably the biggest barrier many users want to upgrade this product line. However, Note9 possesses small changes to help users get the best user experience.

Galaxy Note9 still comes with 2 sides of Gorilla Glass tempered glass and luxurious. The edges are curved in a soft and delicate way, expressing meticulousness and thoughtfulness in the design stage. Deserve a leading premium mobile products today.

Besides, the edge of the Galaxy Note9 is no longer curved on two glass surfaces and is glossy as its predecessor. Samsung has increased the roughness of the frame, the edges of the screen and also beveled to make the grip experience safer, harder to slip with a bulky 6.4-inch size.


One thing worth praising on Note9 is that the screen size is increased to 0.1-inch (to 6.4-inch) compared to its predecessor, but the overall size is unchanged, thanks to Samsung for making the bottom edge is thinner. The top edge remains unchanged when Samsung says “no” to the notch which is the current design trend.

In terms of aspect ratio and resolution, Note9 is not much different from Note8, when still using the 18.5: 9 screen with a sharp resolution of 2960×1440 pixels.

Of course, in terms of display quality, the Note9 is still one of the best OLED screen smartphones available today. According to Display Mate, Note9 has absolute color accuracy and the most accurate color display, brightness increases 27% compared to Note8 and 32% contrast. In fact, Note9 brings a perfect experience on every angle, a large screen when combined with vivid colors to make the experience when watching movies or playing games really perfect. The wide viewing angle and outstanding outdoor brightness make it possible for the Note9 to have a complete view at every display angle.

If you feel the 2K resolution on the Note9 is really redundant, you still have the option of bringing the Full HD resolution to give the machine a longer battery life, but the display quality is not greatly reduced.


With what is best and most powerful, Samsung equips Note9 with the current top-of-the-line processors, Snapdragon 845 for the US market and Exynos 9810 for international versions sold in Vietnam. 6GB RAM for 128GB internal storage and 8GB RAM for 512GB internal storage. Note9 is more than enough to meet the needs of every user, even in the heaviest games today, everything is still extremely smooth.

When practical experience, use a lot of applications at once and play heavy games for a long time. Note9 still works very smoothly and ensures a good temperature. According to Samsung, Note9 is equipped with Samsung heat pipe with a size 3 times larger than the old device, the position of the heat pipe is located right behind the processor to help the cooling system to achieve effective performance. high fruit.


S-Pen on Note9 brings very noticeable improvements compared to the old version. This is not just a pen, it also has a great influence on the task of everyday users. Specifically, the S-Pen on Note9 features Bluetooth technology, helping users connect and control basic functions on Note9.

Take photos on Note9 through the S Pen

For example, taking photos from a distance with the Note9 via the S-Pen, with just a simple touch, users will get instant “selfie” images without having to “play with” performing the Direct buttons on oversized devices.

With various strokes, paints and high sensitivity, Note9 brings a “pen-hold” experience very close to the user’s true feelings with a true pen.

In addition, the S-Pen also controls a number of other popular applications such as collections, music and video control functions on YouTube, and audio recording. And yet, this “witch” pen also allows users to control the presentation when connecting Note9 to the projector via a USB-C cable.

Samsung is also encouraging developers to develop functions around the S-Pen in other applications through the newly released SDK. Hopefully in the future, Samsung’s first S-Pen with Bluetooth will help Note9 go even further in the hearts of fans.

In terms of charging speed, it takes only 40 seconds to charge the S-Pen to operate over 30 minutes with 200 clicks.

Battery life

Samsung strong form gives Note9 a battery with a capacity of up to 4,000mAh. This capacity level is 700mAh higher than its predecessor and 500mAh higher than the Galaxy S9 +. This also makes the shelf life of the product quite durable and long.

In terms of actual use, daily use of the device with the most basic operations such as surfing the web, viewing social networks (Facebook, Instagram), occasionally taking a few photos, performing chatting via Facebook Messenger, for about 1 hour to play the game and when outside, often use the data network. The device can last up to 2 days with a screen brightness of 7 hours.

If used with constant intensity, concurrently connect to the data network, spend more time playing games, recording videos and taking photos. Galaxy Note9 lasted a whole day long, until the new night to plugged in. If compared to other flagships in the market, Note9 will not make users disappointed with the outstanding battery life as what the specifications have shown.

Regarding charging speed, Galaxy Note9 is still equipped with Adaptive Fast Charging according to Quick Charge 2.0 standard. Because of the high battery capacity, the Note9’s charging time is also higher than the Galaxy S9 +. According to measurement, it takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes to fully charge the Note9’s 4,000mAh battery. It will take about an hour for the user to raise the battery level to 70%


Users will not have to think much when using the Galaxy Note9 camera. Just pick up the device, select to Auto mode and press the button. From the process of shooting to exporting images are smooth and extremely fast.

With the combination of AI (artificial intelligence), the Note9 camera is like a “tiger growing wings” when it brings quite impressive image quality after a period of use. The ability to quickly identify the usual situations in smartphones such as hidden lenses, detects subjects closed. In particular, the AI ​​camera with scene recognition, the camera system is smart enough to fine-tune to give users images with sharp details, clear colors and high accuracy. Please read more photos taken from Galaxy Note9 camera in bright enough conditions.

Possessing a high aperture, the ability to customize the aperture according to each light environment. Note9 is not difficult to master low light frames. The detail is still very good, colors are not distorted. In addition, with the advantage of the Dual Pixel technology built into the Note9’s image sensor, the speed of shooting in low light conditions ensures that the subject does not shake or blur while on the move.

In Live Focus mode (Auto Focus) when taking photos, remove fonts and portraits. Note9 continues to complete the task. Shooting speed is quite fast, subjects and backgrounds display clearly separated and clear. Even in indoor lighting conditions, Live Focus is still very smooth and noise level is also significantly limited when using the 2nd lens with a lower aperture.

The front camera of Galaxy Note9 comes with 8MP resolution with many beauty custom modes, but still retains the honest image quality, not “too” as some models take “selfie” on the market today. .


The Galaxy Note9 has not changed much in terms of design, but it brings us a great experience. In terms of design, performance, camera and S-Pen pen are “polished” by Samsung little by little, creating a uniform block perfect and different than any high-end models on the market today.

Currently the product is being sold across the country at a price of 23 million VND for the version with 128GB internal memory, 28.5 million VND for the 512GB version.

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( Samsung officially launched the Galaxy A7 (2018) with 3 rear cameras, impressive design, fingerprint sensor on the side and a series of other attractive features.


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