Facebook, Twitter censors the corona virus comparison with the flu of Mr. Trump
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Although blocked, the scandal “Biden hard drive” in the top 10 prominent news on social networks

On the eve of the US elections, Facebook and Twitter censored news of the “hard drive scandal” related to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the move that was surprisingly counterproductive. This was on the top 10 most popular stories on social media last week.

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According to Axios, on October 14, the paper released exclusive information regarding business transactions of Hunter Biden (son of the Democratic presidential candidate Biden) in Ukraine, the event created 2.59 million interactions on Twitter and Facebook, including likes, comments and shares. Compared to an adjacent news event, the engagement is twice as high.

Hunter Biden’s scandal-related censorship accounts for half of the top 10 news of the week, the 6th most interactive article in October, second only to Trump’s pneumonia infection. Han.

In which, the engagement of Facebook and Twitter accounts for 83% and 17% respectively, while so far Twitter has not unblocked New York Post’s post account.

  • Twitter won’t unlock NYPost unless the post about Hunter Biden is removed

Last week, social media’s reaction to this news also became the second most popular topic, as public opinion criticized the Silicon Valley giants’ censors for trying to interfere. vote.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to summon CEOs of Twitter and Facebook to the hearing on October 22, but has now been postponed.

Last Wednesday (October 14), the New York Post exploded about the “hard drive scandal” allegedly by Hunter Biden, revealing that the advisors of the gas company’s board of directors Ukraine’s Burisma emailed Hunter Biden thanks for arranging for meeting his father, the incumbent US vice president. At that time, Hunter Biden held the position of board member of the company with a monthly salary up to 50,000 USD (USD).

Before that, Mr. Biden has repeatedly stressed that he never discussed with his son about doing business abroad.

  • Overview of “hard drive” related to the corruption scandal of the Biden family

On Thursday (October 15), the New York Post continued to explode with other emails describing Hunter Biden’s use of his father’s influence to develop business in China, along with ancient details. part of the joint venture, it has been confirmed to Fox News that Hunter Biden’s father had a 10% stake in it.

This news comes from a laptop that in April 2019 was sent to a computer repair shop in Delaware. Because after a long time seeing no one to pick up the device, the shop owner opened the computer to find out this amazing information and reported it to the FBI, then backed up the hard drive to the law. of the former New York Mayor Giuliani. At the end of September, Mr. Giuliani provided it to the New York Post.

Giuliani said the hard disk contained a large amount of national security-related crime evidence, enough to convict Mr. Biden with the RICO Act, in an interview with the media. The witness also said that the New York Post only disclosed 5% of the issue, more shocking information will be revealed 10 days before the presidential election.

Some commentators said that although the “hard drive incident” has not gone into the judicial investigation process, the problem has dealt a strong blow to Mr. Biden’s election.

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