Alternative medicine: who consults and for what?
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Alternative medicine: who consults and for what?

The annual survey of on the crossed views between therapists and the general public reveals that 58% of the people questioned consulted an alternative medicine therapist last year.

Women, main patients

72% of people who consult a practitioner Natural Healing are women, and 85% of those over 35 have no doubts about the effectiveness of alternative medicine practices. Not all patients go there spontaneously. In fact, 48% of users of mild therapies consulted on the recommendation of a health professional. These practitioners are not “charlatans”. 85% of them have studied for more than 6 months, including 64% for more than two years, and they practice continuous training to enrich their knowledge.

WHO lists 400 practices of alternative medicine

WHO defines Natural Healing like the combination of traditional medicine and complementary medicine. The first, very old, brings together the sum of all knowledge, skills and practices based on theories, beliefs and experiences specific to different cultures. It is used to preserve health, and improve the treatment of physical and / or mental illnesses.

The second refers to a wide range of health practices that are neither part of traditional medicine nor conventional medicine in the country.

What to treat with alternative medicines?

The field of action is wide: alternative medicines treat the headache, the stress, thereanxiety, the phobias, the stomach aches, allergies, skin problems, the back pain, thereaddiction, thereinsomnia… They can also help in terms of personal development, support for mothers and children …

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