Already have iOS 13 beta 2, come on brother!

Already have iOS 13 beta 2, come on brother!

Apple has just released beta 2 of iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS Catalina and tvOS 13 via OTA for developers. You just need to install (settings) – general settings – software update (software update). If you have not yet uploaded to iOS 13, you must first install it according to the instructions in this lesson. (This beta 2 version is still 13.0, only different from the firmware code name if you have any questions)

Beta 1 was forced to connect to USB with iTunes or macOS Catalina but the beta 2 released today was able to update OTA. The iOS 12 version will be available for easier testing next month, Apple announced at WWDC that the beta public will begin in July.

See more experience with Beta 1 here. New features of beta 2 include:

  • Sharing files via SMB (Server Message Block) already on iPhone: sharing data via local network using SMB protocol – you can easily log in to the SMB file server to access and manage remote data .
  • tvOS 13 supports "picture in picture" Picture in picture
  • Setting up Downtime will be synchronized to Apple Watch.
  • Adjust the color and look of the Calendar application
  • The Camera's Portrait mode has a slider to customize the intensity for lighting effects and has a new option of High-Key Light Mono Lighting.
  • The new sticker for Memoji includes: finger gestures attached to memoji like Hi with 2 fingers, cross-fingers, v-sign that are thinking, raise your finger to silence, …
  • Improve "Today" pinning feature on iPadOS main screen
  • Voice Control when active will have a small microphone icon in the upper left corner
  • New sound effects when using Tapback in Messages
  • Select All returns to the mail application
  • Adding options to send replies immediately without confirmation in Annouce Messages with Siri
  • New features of Apple Maps: Look Around, Favorite Places, Siri Suggestion (However, as mentioned, markets outside the US must wait until next year, so if you don't have it, don't be weird)
  • And there are many new features, which if you update and discover it, remember to share it. Have fun.


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