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Already able to call, text without using mobile network or Wi-Fi

At Shanghai MWC 2019, OPPO introduced MeshTalk technology. This is the transmission solution Exclusive short-range information on Oppo smartphones, allowing the transmission of text, voice messages and calls within 3 km without using mobile network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Oppo said MeshTalk will connect multiple devices to form an ad-hoc local network (Local Area Networks), enabling group chat and expanding communication range through the signal relay. MeshTalk will support local network (LAN) communication If OPPO devices are within each other's signal range.

MeshTalk allows Oppo smartphone users to send messages or make calls without using a mobile network or Wi-Fi. Image: The Verge.

To develop MeshTalk, OPPO said the company has customized the chipset to ensure Faster transmission speeds and lower power consumption More, avoid affecting the battery life of the device.

The Verge MeshTalk is very useful in cases where users don't have Wi-Fi or unstable mobile network locations. It also enhances the level of security and privacy of call information.

It is currently unknown whether this technology is compatible with Oppo devices that have been released earlier.


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