Almost all woolen jewelry was removed within 2 days-Lianhe Daily

A group of knitting enthusiasts make lovely handmade woolen artwork to add Chinese New Year to public places. Unexpectedly, it was almost completely missing in less than two days. The person in charge urged those who took the woolen artwork without permission to return the artwork as soon as possible.

The establishment hobby group Yarn Bombing Singapore has recently called on a number of volunteers to personally prepare woolen jewelry to decorate the taxi stand outside Qihui City of Weiyi Technology City to create a Chinese New Year atmosphere.

It can be seen from the posts that 12 volunteers personally prepared different shapes of accessories, including lion dance, oranges, hair dishes, and this year’s zodiac animal mouse and more than 10 shapes, which are very funny and cute.

Six days after the six jewelry was placed on the collision column at the taxi stand, almost all of them were missing, leaving only two of them still in place.

The group published a post on the 19th of this month, calling on the public to find out who is holding the sheep together, and also reminding those who have taken the jewelry to take it away “CCTV took you”.

The post mentioned: “Why do we install art in public places? Because we believe in human nature, we want to see what makes us happy every morning and remind us of dreams.”

In fact, this is not the first time the group has done Lunar New Year installation art. Last year, they also placed artworks in the same location, which caused a positive response. Unexpectedly, they received news that made them sad this year.

The head of the group said he was not discouraged and believed that the people would return the artwork, and wrote in a post: “These artworks will come back. We will see you next week.”

The above posts caused a lot of discussions among netizens. Some netizens said sadly: “I originally planned to take a look at these artworks while I was in that area next week …”

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