Almost a bit more, Riot Games has released “jungle guard”

League engineer “SureT” has recently revealed a project “Home Guard Team” for the previous game, but has been temporarily canceled, surprising the community.

Bradford ‘SureT’ Wenban (SureT and CertainlyT is a pun that Riot teammates call him, both of which have the same meaning) is one of League’s senior game designers. He’s the man behind designing champions like Zoe, Thresh, Akali – rework, Yasuo, Aphelios … and many more.

League of Legends - Almost a bit more, Riot Games has released "forest guard"
SureT was the one who took responsibility for the remake of General Akali

The characteristics of the generals designed from SureT are extremely unique gameplay, “monstrous” and challenging the skills of gamers. So SureT has received a lot of love from the community. But in addition to that, he also received a lot of mixed opinions from the community because of his “weird” ideas. Not only with the champion design, SureT also has many ideas about improving Summoner’s Rift Map for League of Legends.

League of Legends - Almost a bit more, Riot Games has released

One idea he once planned to come up with was a “House Guard Team” called “Satyr”. They are “rangers” who patrol their team’s jungle and are of course born from the main house just like 3-lane soldiers.

Another Riot engineer Reav3 shared – “We tried it out for ‘SureT’ and his team worked on a Preseason update once. For a long time, Riot has been testing what the engineers call the “Main House Guard Team” and they are the Satyrs in the jungle. Like soldiers will spawn from your base and patrol your jungle. There will be 2 Satyrs defending the base for each team, in which each Satyr will patrol a quarter of your jungle (so there will be 1 Satyr in each forest section). Satyr will ignore allied generals, jungle monsters and allied soldiers accidentally entering your forest. But they will attack on the spot any other enemies that slip into your jungle .. “

League of Legends - Almost a bit more, Riot Games has released "forest guard"
Preliminary sketches of the image of the “rangers” Satyr

Reav3 added: “The Satyrs are very damaging, but very easy to destroy. SureT’s goal when creating Satyrs is to make the enemy’s assassin more difficult to roam and gank lane, in addition to the Satyrs also act as a realm of vision for the Forest. This will also be a target for Assassin-type generals to help them contribute more than just roam and gank the lane as usual (Like having the task of killing Satyr to “destroy” the enemy jungle). The Satyrs are really fun, but in the end Riot Games cut them down. After that, SureT went on to create another Assassin, after she– SureT is female – Akali rework project has been completed ”.

League of Legends - Almost a bit more, Riot Games has released

Returning to League’s 2017 Preseason (After the 2016 World Championship ended), the professional meta is getting really boring because the controlled gameplay is so strong. Perhaps Riot Games wanted to make major changes to champions so that professional players could be more open to fighting, so they had plans to remake assassins. SureT’s idea is as a way to help Assassins contribute more to the game, rather than just killing enemies.

League of Legends - Almost a bit more, Riot Games has released "forest guard"

However, the introduction of “Home Guard Team” to protect the jungle in League of Legends only makes the champions that need to farm in the Forest stronger and the meta can develop in a very negative direction. If they do appear, maybe Master Yi will become stronger, maybe even the strongest champion .. luckily Riot Games removed this idea.

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