All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE

All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE

Since the price of the new KTM 390 DUKE was announced, it has attracted widespread attention from riders. Today, we have a wave of official answers to some questions everyone cares about.


Before answering these questions, let’s first interpret the changes of the new KTM 390 DUKE compared with the previous model.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE

Face value

There is no doubt that the most noticeable part of this wave of operation is the increase in face value. The halogen lamp has been changed to a new family-style “Kendo” LED headlight, and the steel pipe braided frame has been changed to an orange and white main and auxiliary frame in the same vein as the big brother 1290 SUPER DUKE R.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


Sharp-eyed riders may have noticed that the gauges of the new KTM 390 DUKE have been upgraded to high-value TFT color screens, and the brightness of the screen can be intelligently adjusted as the environment changes. Don’t underestimate this TFT color screen. In addition to vehicle status display and driving mode selection, KTM MY RIDE module (optional) can be used to achieve more functions.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


Many friends who like long-distance motorcycle trips are very concerned about the size of the fuel tank. Plastic fuel tanks are subject to stringent requirements on fuel tank wall thickness by related regulations, and their capacity is limited. The new KTM 390 DUKE has been switched to a metal fuel tank and has a capacity of 13.4 liters.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


The new car has been changed from the traditional cable-type throttle to the electronic throttle. The electronic throttle input signal can be adjusted to switch between multiple driving modes. In addition, the electronic throttle can also adapt to a variety of riding environments, avoiding the situation that the vehicle is driven forward with a slight twist of the throttle, which greatly improves the ride and safety.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


In order to take safety to the next level, the new KTM 390 DUKE increases the size of the front brake disc from 300mm to 320mm, further increasing the braking force. It is also worth mentioning that the material of the brake discs has also been changed to a more stable metal sintered material, which significantly improves the heat decay resistance.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


In the new KTM 390 DUKE, the front shock absorber uses an open damping system, which greatly improves performance. The rear shock has been changed from a mixed type of oil and gas to a built-in airbag. There is an oil and gas separation valve in the shock, which greatly improves the stability of damping.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


In order to meet the strict Euro 4 emission standards, the new KTM 390 DUKE has also changed the exhaust, from the previous built-in exhaust to the current side exhaust.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


In order to further push the limits of control, the new KTM 390 DUKE wheelbase has been reduced to 1357mm, which guarantees an increase in controllability.The ground clearance was increased from 170mm to 185mm, and the passability was improved accordingly.The height of the new seat is raised to 830mm. In addition, the changes to the exhaust and fuel tanks also brought a small increase in the vehicle’s “weight”, reaching 149kg.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE


The new KTM 390 DUKE still has a displacement of 373.2cc, a maximum power of 32kW (44hp) @ 9000rpm, and a peak torque of 36N ยท m @ 7000rpm.

Q & A

The car is introduced here first, the following key points come, focus on answering the most popular questions asked in the background:

Q:Where does the new model come from?

A: The new KTM 390 DUKE is imported from the Philippines. The manufacturer is KTM Asia Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The final inspection and quality control of products are strictly controlled by Austrian experts.

Q:How long does it take to pick up the car if you book now?

A: The first batch of cars is expected to arrive in early May. For reservations, please consult the nearest authorized dealer for reservations (the first batch of cars in some regions have already been booked).

Q:What should I do if the height is 830mm?

A: In order to pursue better maneuverability, the new car has adjusted its vehicle data, including seat height. Lowering the seat height does not affect the practice of vehicle control. It is recommended to thin the seat cushion. You can also lower the seat height by adjusting the front and rear suspension, but it will affect the passability and handling.

Q:Compared with the overseas version, is there a “castration” in this release?

A: The new KTM 390 DUKE configuration and vehicle data that have landed in the Chinese market are not discounted at all (including the tire slip mode). The vehicles you will buy have the same dynamic performance as vehicles sold in other regions of the world.

                                        All you want to know about the new KTM 390 DUKE

Last egg

Many riders also asked another 390 new car, newKTM RC 390When will it be available?

The editor made a special inquiry, the new KTM RC 390 is currently in the final preparation stage before listing, and will be launched in the Chinese market later this year with KTM 390 DUKE. Please look forward to and follow the related track activities of READY TO RACE!

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