All the magic waving moves on S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 1.

All the tricks 'waving magic wand' on S Pen of Galaxy Note 10

S Pen has long been a 'specialty' of the Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones, helping a lot for learning, working or even daily operations of users. Over the years, the S Pen has become smarter to help us with new gestures, increasing its usefulness.

The pen of last year's Galaxy Note9 began with Bluetooth low-power so that users can do long-range tasks such as pressing a button to start recording, taking photos, transferring songs and showing slides. This year, Galaxy Note 10 goes one step further by allowing the user to 'flap' the pen, draw in the air to add a range of other gestures – no different from Harry Potter and his wand!

All the magic waving moves on the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 2.

In essence, the pen can do this by equipping an accelerometer (Accelerometer) and gyroscope (Gyroscope), so that it can know its position in space. This upgrade is really impressive when compared to the size: with all the new sensors, but the S Pen of the Note 10 has not increased in size compared to the Note9.

'Flake' to control photography, video recording

The most deeply integrated application of the new S Pen Galaxy Note 10 gestures is the camera app. Sometimes when taking group photos with the rear camera or taking multiple selfies with the front camera, we put the camera far away or with our hands so long, manipulating the screen is not possible, all can be done on the S Pen.

You can start recording or press the shutter by pressing the stylus like the Galaxy Note9, along with it can also switch between modes (normal shooting, night shooting, background erasing, etc.) by flicking the pen sideways, switching between the front and back cameras by flicking up and down and finally zooming in and out by spinning the circle.

All the magic waving moves on the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 3.

Switch between shooting modes

All the magic waving moves on the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 4.

Switch between front and back camera

All the magic waving moves on the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 5.

Zoom in or out

An additional feature to the 'pen' capability of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10 is 'audio zoom'. When recording a video, the Note 10 will automatically magnify the sounds of the objects in the frame and try to eliminate the outside noise, so when you have to control it, you don't have to worry about the camera. videos with the noise of the environment.

'Flake' to control YouTube music and videos

The S Pen has also been able to completely replace music and video controls like the buttons on a headset. 'Flake' to the left to play the previous song / video, while to the right to move backwards; flick up to increase volume and flick down to do the opposite.

All the magic waving moves on the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 6.

Actions for music and video applications

This will be useful for those who have a home entertainment system, such as an audio system or a Galaxy Note 10 connection to play videos on large screens via the DeX application. In a crowded party, when we are connecting the machine to a speaker, the control of music and volume becomes more convenient with just a gesture on the S Pen. Or using a machine to project videos and movies on a big screen via USB Type-C, we just need to 'flick' it to change the content, increase or decrease the volume without having to stand up to get the machine.

All the magic waving moves on the S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 7.

The future is wide open for the 'waving' gesture of the S Pen

Currently, some of the applications it introduces that are compatible with the new S Pen gestures on the Galaxy Note 10 are not yet available in practice. Like the Google Slide show application or Microsoft PowerPoint, you can still use it with just two button gestures to move the slide forward and back. But this will definitely change when Samsung releases the SDK development kit for software makers.

All the waving skills on S Pen of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 8.

Another type of application that can become even more 'magical' with new gestures is the game. Like Tetris, for example, you can move a falling ball by flipping it horizontally, and rotate the pen circle to rotate it. Or like an AR simulator trying to be a wizard like Harry Potter, when you can call spells with the S Pen itself. The future is indeed wide open with new 'flaky' gestures, currently only available on the latest Galaxy Note 10 series.

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