All members of the Ace Family appeared without makeup, Guan Xiaotong sleeping in a down-to-earth manner, and the movements in the elevator were too real

All members of the Ace Family appeared without makeup, Guan Xiaotong sleeping in a down-to-earth manner, and the movements in the elevator were too real

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The sixth season of “Ace Vs Ace” is in its seventh issue. After various movies and hits have been guest guests, “The Spring Outing Family” is ushered in. “Youth Travelling” and “Ace Vs Ace” are both directed by Wu Tong The show, and Jia Ling has an identity in both shows. Both the “Ace Family” and the “Spring Outing Family” are stars that combine beauty and ability. The two variety show linkage scenes are happy to think about.

The opening of this issue of “Ace vs. Ace” is not in the studio but in the hotel. The host Shen Tao’s first job early in the morning is a wake-up service. It is commonplace to record the program directly after wake-up. , But “Ace vs. Ace” is the first time. I didn’t expect that the “Ace Family” looks too good, and it’s also very un-faced.

Shen Teng and Jia Ling are the big brothers and sisters in the family. They have no idol baggage. Jia Ling’s plain makeup has already been seen in “Youth Travels”. Even without makeup, Jia Ling is very cute and likable, and feels Jia Ling Ling likes pink pajamas very much. Shen Teng was a former military art school grass, and when he was young, brother Teng was also a white boy. Who would like to think that brother Teng went farther and farther on the road of funny, and his appearance was also farther and farther away from the school grass, but his career became more and more brilliant. The 100 million box office male god deserves his name.

Hua Chenyu is the little brother in the family. From being reluctant to talking, he has become more and more cheerful with everyone now. I haven’t seen Hua Chenyu without makeup on the stage of “Ace”. This time it can be regarded as satisfying the curiosity of netizens. heart. Hua Chenyu sleeps and covers herself tightly, wearing eye masks and earplugs. Hua Chenyu’s bare-faced skin is smooth and translucent. He is still a handsome boy without makeup. He is completely invisible as a brother born in 1990.

Guan Xiaotong, the youngest sister in the ace family, has a deep-rooted image of a girl in the TV series and was given the title of a national girl. Guan Xiaotong’s child star debuted with high appearance and good figure. As a female star, Guan Xiaotong’s sleeping posture was so grounded. Covering one’s face for the first time is probably a conditioned reflex of all female idols, and it’s too beautiful when the face without makeup is exposed.

The trump family and the Chunyou family elevator met. Shen Teng teased that everyone in the elevator was so ugly without makeup. The people in the elevator were laughing crazy. Looking at Guan Xiaotong’s plain face is envious and jealous. His skin is clean and fair, although it is not as refined as makeup very beautiful.

Everyone in the elevator is still understanding the rules of the game. Guan Xiaotong’s action is too real. He leaned in the elevator and continued to sleep with his eyes closed. He looked like himself who didn’t like to get up when he was at work and school. Sleep for a while with eyes.

This wake-up game has a new understanding of the Ace Family. I used to see the beautiful and handsome appearance on the stage. The real appearance of being awakened in sleep is too cute, and everyone is different. Even if the female idol’s sleeping posture is the same as ordinary people’s sleeping habits, it’s very real to rub her eyes the first thing after being awakened, and the down-to-earth celebrities are still very pleasing.


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