Alienware's "grandfather", Frank Azor, joined AMD

Alienware's "grandfather", Frank Azor, joined AMD

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Frank Azor, one of the founders and representative faces of Alienware and also in charge of Dell's gaming division, has now joined AMD.

Frank Azor is a "rolling" name coming from Dell. He is the co-founder and face of Alienware, and also a longtime supervisor of the game array at Dell. About 3 weeks ago, he said he would leave Dell on July 3 to take on a new challenge, and send a thank you message on the Alienware community forum.

Currently, his new destination is clear, and that is AMD. CEO Lisa Su has now confirmed: Frank Azor will be a "chief gaming architecture". This is a fairly new title, if not a little ambiguous and a color, but na, you can understand Azor will be in charge of marketing for AMD.

In October 2018, Frank Azor proudly revealed that Dell's game segment is currently worth $ 3 billion, far beyond many other game hardware manufacturers. Therefore, the present time seems appropriate for him to seek new opportunities and new challenges.

This year, AMD has confirmed its position in the gaming industry by continuing to provide processors for the next Xbox and PlayStation generation. At the same time, both Google Stadia and Apple Mac Pro 2019 also carry the "blood" of Radeon graphics card. Therefore, AMD is a potential destination, and Azor simply chose the "red team".

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