Alibaba Interactive Entertainment has made “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” a hit in the Korean market

“Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” has been online for 120 days in South Korea.

When this game was first launched, it was aggressive and entered the top five best-selling games on both iOS and Google Play. Now four months have passed, and its performance still looks strong.

More Korean users can see on Google Play that “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has remained within the top 10 most of the time on the game’s best-selling list. And in the category of “strategy games”, it ranks second. Of course, the first place is also a domestic game, from Lilith’s “The Awakening of Nations”.

From the above results, we can see that “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has indeed achieved the level of an explosive game in South Korea.

Trends in the ranking of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” in the South Korean Google Play best-seller list in the past 90 days

Although Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan went online three months earlier, the performance of the Korean market has surpassed these three markets. If you look at the launch of the Korean version, the gap is even greater. According to the data monitored by Sensor Tower, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has the highest revenue in South Korea, accounting for 9% of the total revenue (Mainland China accounted for 74%).

However, it is worth noting that the Japanese version of “Three Kingdoms” was also launched in mid-May and can basically remain in the top sixty of Japan’s iOS game bestseller list. Japan also has the opportunity to overtake South Korea and become the game’s first overseas market.

“Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition”, February 23-June 21 revenue in each market

The spokesperson of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition”

Everyone in the Chinese mainland market understands that “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” is announced and distributed by means of strong purchases. This style of play has also continued to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Southeast Asian markets (mainly Singapore and Malaysia), and the amount of purchased materials is ranked in the top five levels. In the South Korean market, this approach is still adopted.

“Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” release materials, source: DataEye-ADX Overseas Edition

So focusing on the purchase of the game and the release of material and celebrity endorsements, we can explore what exactly this game has done in the Korean market.

1. The materials purchased in the early stage are mainly focused on highlighting the game content.

Before the game went live, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” invited Nagano to talk about the production process of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”. Take Nagano is a famous illustrator in Japan, and he is responsible for the cover design of the game series produced by KOEI (Koei), in order to endorse his game.

Nagano Go

During this period, most of the promotional materials used were game content materials, which covered gameplay, game character modeling, special effects, and so on. Helped them circle the first core players.

2. Use well-known national-level artists.

The next strategic adjustment of Alibaba Interactive Entertainment is the domestic “star endorsement + buying volume” model.

The spokespersons of the early collaboration of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” were Sung Dong-yi, Kim Sung-kyun, and Choi Wu-sung. These three actors all participated in “Please answer 1988”, and they are middle-aged male actors with a high reputation in South Korea. In terms of the content of the purchased material, the gameplay is expressed through the contest between the three actors.

Starting from the end of April, “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” added the comedian “Zhang Dongmin” to the purchase material, and the process of Zhang Dongmin’s joining is also worth mentioning.

One day before the release of the second season of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” (that is, April 30, 2021), Qookka Games (Ali Muyu’s subsidiary in South Korea, hereinafter referred to as Qookka) revealed that Zhang Dongmin and the players hosted the ” “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” talk show. It is worth noting that Zhang Dongmin at this time is not yet the spokesperson of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition”.

Due to Zhang Dongmin’s own humorous nature and his understanding of the history of the Three Kingdoms, the talk show at 8 o’clock that night worked well and did not become a poor TV commercial.

This also stems from the fact that Zhang Dongmin himself is a Three Kingdoms fan, and he has a deeper understanding of the history of the Three Kingdoms than ordinary users. As early as 2018, Zhang Dongmin began to upload his explanations and opinions on the official history of the Three Kingdoms, Romance and other versions on Youtube.

Later, the first talk show of the second season of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” (the second season of the game) was hosted by Zhang Dongmin, who has become a spokesperson.

Zhang Dongmin

During the interaction with the guests, Zhang Dongmin was not only familiar with the allusions in the history of the Three Kingdoms, but was also able to integrate his own humor into the interactive games.

Drawing pictures and guessing allusions-Zhuge Liang borrowed from the east wind

In the comment area of ​​the Youtube catalog broadcast, the audience expressed their approval of this variety show, which is actually a TV commercial:

“영상잘봤습니다~^^ (This show is very good)

I’m looking forward to the next video too.

I always support you. Fighting! (无论何时都要加油加油!)”

It is worth mentioning that after becoming the spokesperson of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition”, most of Zhang Dongmin’s purchased video materials are clips from talk shows.

Among Zhang Dongmin’s purchased materials, some of the materials also contain content about Cheng Dongyi, Jin Sungkyun, and Cui Wucheng, and use copywriting such as “Three Kingdoms Game Recommended by Zhang Dongmin”:

「Real Three Kingdoms that Jang Dongmin also recommends!」

During this period, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” mainly used the high reputation of the spokesperson in the local area to screen out the target users of the game from the mass user group.

3. Take the writer who compiled “Three Kingdoms” as the spokesperson

Until the beginning of June, the purchased material of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” was replaced by the famous Korean writer Lee Moon Yeol.

Li Wenlie

The process by which Li Wenlie became the spokesperson of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” is also worth mentioning.

In mid-May, Qookka held an event to guess the spokesperson, allowing players to vote for the spokesperson they thought of using “persons who would think of the Three Kingdoms” as the standard. According to Qookka’s silhouette on the poster and the hint of the “Master of the Three Kingdoms”, the new spokesperson was quickly guessed by the players this time-the Korean writer Li Wenyeol who compiled “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

Among the dozens of Korean translations, commentaries, and rewrites of “Three Kingdoms” in Korea, Li Wenyeol’s translation is the most popular. For Koreans, the popularity of “Three Kingdoms” is also closely related to Li Wenlie, and it can even be said that in Korea, Li Wenlie almost represents “Three Kingdoms”.

Then the intention of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” to let Li Wenlie be the spokesperson of the game is understandable: bind this writer who represents “Three Kingdoms” with “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” to focus on “Raiders” for all Three Kingdoms fans. .

In addition, because Li Wenlie endorsed “Three Kingdoms M (삼국지M)”, by choosing Li Wenlie, the player resources of “Three Kingdoms M” may be attracted to “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”.

Three Kingdoms Game in South Korea

Of course, the achievements of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” in Korea today are also related to the strong Three Kingdoms cultural gene in the market itself. In recent years, domestically produced games with the theme of the Three Kingdoms have achieved good results in South Korea.

After searching the South Korean market from January 2014 to June 2021, the top 200 three-nation theme games on the iOS best-selling list, the new game knowledge is even more certain: China’s three-nation theme SLG games have a great advantage in the Korean market.

During the period from 2014 to 2021, there are not a few Chinese seafood products that have been active in the Top 200 list for several consecutive years.

Efun launched “삼국지PK” on the Korean market in 2013, and remained within the Top 200 for most of the two years in 2015 and 2016.

《Three Kingdoms PK》

Hangzhou Jedi Technology’s “짐의강산- 통일하라 Three Kingdoms: Overlord)” has remained within the Top 200 for one year after 2017. Since 2019, with the increase in the number of years of operation of the game, “짐의강산-통일하라” can remain on the Top 400 for most of the time.

《Jimui River Mountain – Unify》

Alibaba Interactive’s “New Romance of the Three Kingdoms (신삼국지모바일)” performed a little better. Starting in 2018, it has been in the Top 200 for nearly two years, and then as the game’s operating years have increased, most of the time has been Can stay within Top400. Perhaps it is precisely with this foundation that I will be familiar with the release of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”.

《New Three Kingdoms Mobile》

The Chinese seafood product that performed best in the South Korean market is the “Three Kingdoms M” developed by Xinghui Tiantuo and published by Efun. From its launch in March 2018 until May 7, 2021, “Three Kingdoms M” fell out of the South Korean iOS best-selling list for the first time, but then continued to rise again. It has only fallen out of the Top 200 in just two days.

“Three Kingdoms M”

In contrast, Korean mobile games based on the Three Kingdoms theme are more outstanding in RPG games. The best performer was “킹덤스토리: 삼국지 RPG”.

《Kingdom Story: Three Kingdoms RPG》

After the game was launched in November 2016, there were not many highlights. Its best result was also shortly after it was launched, but it only reached the 18th best-selling list, and then showed a trend of declining all the way. Most of the time it has been outside the Top300. Compared with Chinese seafood products, the decline of “킹덤스토리: 삼국지 RPG” is much faster.

《Kingdom Story: Three Kingdoms RPG》

Based on the data of the past few years, in the Korean market, there is only “Three Kingdoms M” that can truly be regarded as an explosive game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms. Although the rest of the games have their peak periods, the time to maintain the top rankings is relatively short, and the rankings are not much brighter than other types and theme games.

In addition, in the same period of time, the top 200 Three Kingdoms themed games, most Korean local Three Kingdoms mobile games on the best-selling list are also lower than China’s overseas mobile games. After 2020, there are almost no three-nation-themed mobile games in South Korea in Top200.

Concluding remarks

As an important user acquisition method, purchase volume has provided a great help for “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” to acquire target users, and the targeted play in the choice of spokespersons and materials also has obvious results. It is foreseeable that the “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” will continue to rise in overseas markets while maintaining its domestic market advantages in the future.

Source: Game News


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