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Alexander Volkov buried Alistair Overeem’s dream of returning


Alistair Overeem’s career dream for the last time was overwhelmed by a terrifying knock-out from Russian boxer Aleaxander Volkov.

Russian giant Alexander Volkov (33-8) recently had a great performance at UFC Vegas 18, knocking seasoned veteran Alistair Overeem down with a left punch. Alistair Overeem (47-19, 1 NC) collapsed in the 2:06 minute of the second half, ending the dream of winning the UFC title for the last time in the careers of former champions K1 and DREAM.

“I feel great, very excited,” Volkov said after the game. “I believe now is the time for me to shine. I’m coming to the championship.”

Initially, entering the match, the audience was more likely to trust Alistair Overeem, as “The Reem” had two bad performances in recent clashes against Walt Harris and Augusto Sakai, They all end with technical knockout.

Alexander Volkov is very close to winning the title after defeating Alistair Overeem

But when entering the game, it was Alexander Volkov who actively controlled the pace of the game. With the advantage of height, Volkov continuously pressed the Overeem field with a series of jab – straight – right punches. I’ve had a few punches sleazy Overeem’s stance punctured, the Dutch old man staggered, even with two counter-attacks.

By the second half, Alistair Overeem could not find a chance to win – the old general let his face go very high, but Volkov still found a chance Overeem opened his face and left. At the end, the opportunity came in the middle of the second half, and Alexander Volkov just continued to hit a neat combo to punch Overeem to the floor.

“I practiced jab and improved my standing a lot, as well as wrestling technique,” says Volkov.

“But in the game, I felt fine with a double. I knew I could beat Overeem. For a moment in the first half I caught the moment Overeem opened – I know, the defensive There are holes in his hole, so I just need to wait Chances of it reappear, take a big punch, and that’s it, it’s done. “

Thanks to the victory over Alistair Overeem, Alexander Volkov will almost certainly enter the top 5 UFC Heavyweight Rankings. His chances of winning the title are very close – it is very likely that Volkov will get his chance to win the title immediately if Francis Ngannou fails to successfully challenge the Stipe Miocic championship at UFC 260 next March.




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