Onana started for Ajax since 2016, at the age of 20.  Photo: Goal.

Ajax goalkeeper was suspended for a year for using doping

The European Football Federation (UEFA) banned Andre Onana from playing 12 months after the goalkeeper’s doping test gave a positive result on February 5.

According to UEFA, the banned substance in Andre Onana’s urine at a test in October 2020 was Furosemide. Ajax side said that Onana mistakenly took her girlfriend’s medicine on the morning of October 30, 2020, after waking up feeling tired.

Onana started for Ajax since 2016, at the age of 20. Image: Goal.

“On the basis of the current anti-doping principle, athletes must ensure that there are no banned substances from entering the body in any way,” UEFA explained 12-month ban on Onana, from February 5 . Ajax, the team that is leading the Dutch national championship and is preparing to participate in the round of 1/16 Europa League, said it would appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Onana grew up from the football academy of former striker Samuel Eto’o, captured all 20 matches of Ajax in the Dutch league this season. He is the best goalkeeper in the Netherlands for four years in a row and the best goalkeeper in Africa for the past three years. Cameroon star shared above Twitter: “I have a lot of respect for UEFA rules. All I do is take an aspirin to relieve fatigue. It’s my fault. Sure, I will appeal to get back to the pitch soon.”

Ajax CEO, former goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar thinks that UEFA’s penalty is too heavy. “Ajax has always said no to doping. We support pure sport,” the former Man Utd player told Goal February 5. “This penalty is a huge step backwards for Onana and Ajax. I hope he only gets a suspended sentence or a shorter ban.”

Onana, 24, joined Ajax from U19 Barca in 2015. In his 204 appearances, the goalkeeper helped Ajax keep 83 clean sheets. Onana was once targeted by Chelsea in the summer transfer period of 2020. Before receiving UEFA’s sentence, he was believed to definitely break up with Ajax after this season, when he received interest from Barca, Tottenham and Dortmund.

Vy Anh (according to the Goal)


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