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Two features that users are most interested in the new AirPods Pro must be Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. Read through the article for more details on how to switch modes, how to fine-tune Force Sensors on your products, and how to set up noise protection on one ear of AirPods Pro.

Airpods Pro: How to use Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

Option 1: Squeeze

  • To change between Noise and Clear modes, squeeze and hold one ear until you hear a "ding". (you will also hear a light "click" attached)

Option 2: Control Center

  1. Open the Control Center. (Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open the phone's Control Center.)
  2. Press and hold the volume column. (This will display the currently connected device is AirPods Pro.)
  3. Switch between Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode or turn it off completely.

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Option 3: Set up Bluetooth

  1. Open Settings> select Bluetooth> select the "i" symbol next to AirPods Pro. (Make sure you are connected to your AirPods Pro when performing this step.)
  2. Change the Noise / Clear mode settings in Noise Control.
  3. Under Noise Control, you can choose whether one or both Airpods Pro headphones will perform Noise Cancellation / Transparency if either earbud is activating Siri.

You can also add the "Off" feature to the sequence between the two modes of Noise Cancellation / Transparency in the sequence controlled by Force Sensors. (Review Option 1 if you forgot.
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Option 4: use Apple Watch

If you own an Apple Watch, you can make the switch between the two modes of AirPods Pro by touching the AirPlay symbol in your music player on the Apple Watch.

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Some other features

  1. You can use Noise Cancellation for only one ear
  2. Turn on Settings> select Accessibility> choose AirPods Pro
  3. Activate Noise Cancellation mode with One AirPods
  4. In addition, you can also customize the holding time and torque for Force Sensor.

AirPods Pro: Refine Force Sensors

Along with the launch of two outstanding features on its new product, Apple also introduced a completely new control system on AirPods Pro. Instead of control sequences by "Touch / Type" on AirPods gen 1 and 2, we now have a whole new command sequence by "touching" on Force Sensor.

Customize the control sequence on AirPods Pro

How to customize the holding time and touch speed of Force Sensor on AirPods Pro

  1. Open Settings and select Accessibility
  2. Scroll down and select AirPods
  3. Customize the "Press and Hold Duration" section with a different option "Default"
  4. You can also enable the Noise Cancellation feature on one side of the AirPods in the last section.

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If you still do not know the control string by the "squeeze" command on AirPods, you can refer here. On the recording is Press / Press but you still have to use two fingers to squeeze for Force Sensor to work.

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Some other tips

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Quick connection in seconds

After unboxing your AirPods Pro, open the case and place it next to your iPhone or iPad. Within a few seconds, a dialog box will appear with an image of an Airpods with a connection request. Choose Connect and the AirPods Pro is ready for you to use. Another interesting thing is that if you use your iCloud for multiple devices, AirPods will automatically sync and connect to those devices as well.

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Check the battery life used

If you need to check the battery life of the AirPods Pro as well as the charging case, you just need to put the two earphones back in the case. Then open the case cover and bring it closer to your iPhone or iPad. Immediately another dialog box will appear announcing the current battery status of the AirPods Pro as well as the case.

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Replace tips for AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is provided by Apple with three different tips, S, M and L. The M tips have been available on AirPods Pro since you opened the box. There are no tips to help you change tips easily, you just need to pull out the old tips and replace the new tips and then press to place them in their place. In the first few changes, you will feel like you are pulling out your AirPods Pro. Be careful and be patient, the tips will go out and the next changes will be softer than the first so try to be careful.

Take the fit test of AirPods Pro tips

While trimming the AirPods Pro's settings in Settings, you may see an item called "Ear Tip Fit Test", a test designed by Apple to help you find out if your Tips works well no. The test will play some sounds, use the AirPods Pro's own microphone, and give results on the fit of the tip you're using.

To start the "Ear Tip Fit Test", go to Settings> select Bluetooth> select the "i" next to the word AirPods Pro (Please check that your AirPods are connected when doing this step)> select " Ear Tip Fit Test "and follow the instructions dialog.

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Check the charging status while wirelessly charging

The AirPods Pro can be charged wirelessly on the same device you're using to charge your iPhone.
Place the AirPods Pro with the light side facing up on the wireless charging device. The signal light will light up when you first place the AirPods in the charging device to indicate that the AirPods are starting to be charged. After that, this signal light will turn off. To check the charging status, tap on the case, if the green light indicates that the battery is fully charged.

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