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Airpods 3 revealed the first prototype designs

( Apple's next line of wireless headsets has just revealed the first designs that make Apple fans excited for new passing features.

Apple's next-generation wireless headset is about to launch, which will be in the high-end segment. In terms of colors, in addition to traditional white, Airpods 3 will have the option of glossy black and matte black. In this version of the headset, the body size is only 2/3 of the length longer than the previous generation and the larger head. Besides, Apple will use more rubber foam (can be changed size) to increase sound insulation.

The code in iOS 13 shows that the Airpods 3 headset will have many different listening modes, including a mode called Focus, which when activated will eliminate noise completely. 1 Additionally, the product will be water resistant, a feature not found on the previous two generations. That means you won't have to worry about walking in the rain.

Airpods 3 will likely integrate heart rate measurement function. The device is expected to use a new audio chip called H2. According to the original plan, Airpods 3 is likely to launch in October with the new iPad Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro or appear in the same batch with iPhone SE 2 in March next year.

Currently the price has not been leaked, but with many improvements this headset will be ranked in the higher segment of the previous version. At the same time, the selling price will be in the range of 249-299 USD. The box will also be redesigned and have wireless charging.

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