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AirPods 2 has lower sales in Q1 / 2019 than expected, Samsung rose to second place

Although released in the first quarter, Apple's market share of AirPods is still "on the spot" compared to the previous quarter, according to Counterpoint Research, a market research firm.

Apple AirPods is one of Apple's "miraculous" product lines that has "dominated" the market of wireless headset devices with more than 50% market share. However, with the successor generation AirPods not being released with many noticeable upgrades, the sales of this accessory did not make Apple market share of AirPods become "jumpy" like the first generation.

The generation of AirPods 2 is upgraded with W1 chip on H1 chip for improving Bluetooth connectivity, saving more battery. According to Apple, AirPods 2 can give 50% more talk time than AirPods 1, allowing users to switch between iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook devices while listening to music twice as fast. . Siri will now also be activated with the command "Hey, Siri".

In addition, the AirPods 2 generation will also support wireless charging with the new AirPods case. With the recent iPhone 11 models leaked, it will support the same wireless reverse charging feature as Huawei P30 or Galaxy S10, users will be able to easily charge the case just by placing on the back of the iPhone. . This will also make Apple need to equip a larger battery capacity for iPhone models this year.

Although there are a lot of upgrades, these upgrades are inadequate to make buyers pay to upgrade or buy a new AirPods 2. In addition to the first generation AirPods discounts to clear inventory, "paving the way" for AirPods 2, made the sales of AirPods 1 more than expected, while AirPods 2 proved purchasing power is not as expected. All because AirPods 2 is not what users expect.

Sforum - The latest hear-a AirPods 2 technology information page with sales in the first quarter of 2019 was lower than expected, Samsung rose to second place.

While the market share of Apple AirPods did not grow as strong as when the first generation was launched, Samsung witnessed a remarkable "jump" step. With the launch of the Galaxy Buds, replacing the Galaxy Gear IconX earlier, from No. 3 "jumping" to No. 2 and surpassing Jabra.

The entire wireless headset market also witnessed a growth of up to 40% compared to Q4 / 2018 when there are now 17.5 million devices sold worldwide, even though Q4 / 2018 is one of the quarters. has the highest purchasing power of the year because it comes with year-end shopping season.

Sforum - The latest hear-b AirPods 2 technology information page with sales in the first quarter of 2019 was lower than expected, Samsung rose to second place.

In the end of this year, we will witness two new "heavyweights" in the market of wireless headsets. Both Amazon and Microsoft are planning to release their first true wireless headset this year. Reports say Amazon's wireless headsets will have built-in Alexa virtual assistants, providing better sound quality and lower prices than Apple's AirPods. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Surface Buds will also come with a virtual assistant Cortana.

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