Airdroid: Fully manage your PC from your PC

Airdroid: Fully manage your PC from your PC

Mobile phone screens, however, if technology has made the leap, can not even surpass a certain size in the best cases, and of course they do not have the power of a Tablet or computer screen. This is how the creators of today's application thought and through a very smart application managed to enable us to access and interact with our mobile phone and PC wirelessly through our Wi-Fi.

You can send and receive individual or group messages, import and export apk files, manage files on Android and transfer files between Android and PC, view and manage photos on Android, and transfer photos between Android and computer to listen and manage music and videos on your mobile to make music as a phone sound and export any phone sound, or even edit all contacts, take screenshots to view the Android device screen in real time and much more. But let's take things in turn.

Download the app from Goole Play first and install it on your mobile, create an account now and sign in. You are now logged in, from then on you can use any available action, such as uploading files, sending messages to view your photos, take real-time videos, view your contacts, your calls, but and to view your mobile screen in real time on your computer. Finally, you can also log in via the related one Web application of. In its free version you can have a 200 mb bandwidth available for data use every month.

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