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Airbus won more than 100 new A321 aircraft contracts, putting pressure on rival Boeing

Airbus has obtained first orders for the new variant of the A321neo series at the Paris 2019 International Air Show. It is no surprise that the European manufacturer's airline brand has won. so the brand came from the US after two serious accidents happened to their best-selling aircraft.

The A321XLR is the latest version of the Airbus A321neo narrow body line that has just introduced at the Paris Air Show 2019. This is a longer range variant of the A321LR version with capacity from 180 to 220 passengers in both grades. Business and universal seats, or up to 240 seats in 1-class configuration. It is worth noting that the A321XLR's flight range reaches 8,700 km, thereby enabling airlines to explore longer-distance routes, including transcontinental routes such as from Tokyo to Sydney, Kuala Lumpur to Auckland. (New Zealand) by narrow body aircraft.

Airbus has continued to receive orders as well as agreements to purchase A321neo aircraft from many airlines around the world such as AirAsia, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways … As soon as it launches, the A321XLR is soon Order received from Air Lease, the world's largest aircraft leasing company with an estimated number of 100 aircraft.

The A321XLR in the context that Boeing has not yet launched a new model in the NMA (New Midsize Airplane) project. This is a medium-sized aircraft line between the 757 and 767 versions, which can accommodate 225 – 275 passengers with a maximum range of 8,300 – 9,300 km. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 incident has greatly influenced the US brand's plan to develop new aircraft.

Despite the difficult period, Boeing still received orders for Boeing 787 aircraft from Korean Air or Air Lease. More notably, the intention is from IAG, the owner of British Airways considers buying 200 Boeing 737 MAX in the future with an estimated value of $ 24 billion. Certainly the price that Boeing offers for IAG will be very attractive.

It can be seen that Airbus has taken advantage of the new narrow-body aircraft with a longer range, better operating efficiency that helps airlines reduce operating costs. Meanwhile Boeing is continuing to troubleshoot the problem encountered early to bring the 737 MAX to take off again.

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