Air quality day: the alarm call from associations
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Air quality day: the alarm call from associations

Various environmental associations are taking the opportunity of National Air Quality Day, which takes place today, September 19, 2018, to sound the alarm.

“Air pollution is the third cause of death in France, after tobacco and alcohol ‘, recalls Asef (Association Santé Environnement France).

“Pollution causes 10 times more deaths than road accidents and costs society 100 billion per year ”, considers for her part the ecologist MEP Michèle Rivasi.

Despite the measures taken in recent years to try to reduce the levels of pollutants emanating from industries and automobiles, the account is not there. The France Climate Action Network recalls that “43 million highly polluting diesel vehicles, inherited from Dieselgate, are still in circulation in Europe, including more than eight million in France which is at the top of the ranking of European countries ”.

The association denounces the lack of political will to reduce particulate emissions from diesel : “Three years after the scandal (Dieselgate, Editor’s note) and the establishment of an independent technical commission in which the Climate Action Network and France Nature Environment participated, the recommendations of the experts have not been implemented. Only one recommendation out of eight – the fiscal catch-up between gasoline and diesel – has been followed up. “

The Asef emphasizes, for its part, that since the city of Tokyo in Japan banned the circulation of diesel vehicles ten years ago, “Today we see a 22% decrease in deaths from pulmonary origin and a 10% decrease in cardiac deaths from all causes.”

In France, the city of Paris plans to ban intramural diesel in 2024.

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