Air conditioner tips cost only 4000 VND / night, immediately apply and save millions!
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Air conditioner tips cost only 4000 VND / night, immediately apply and save millions!

Use the “Dry” mode

Using the remote control to switch the cooling mode from “Cool” to “Dry”, this operation will greatly reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner. This tip saves electricity because when operating in Cool mode, the air conditioner draws hot heat from the room to eject outside hot lumps, helping to reduce the temperature, cooling the air in the room. The power consumption for this operation of the air conditioner is quite a lot. Meanwhile, if in Dry mode, the air conditioner will remove moisture from the room, returning fresh air and more dry. This mode consumes much less power than the cooling mode.

Note: Dry mode should only be used when the outside temperature is not too different in the house, the appropriate temperature to use this mode when the outside temperature does not exceed 34 degrees Celsius.

Do not set the room temperature too low

There are many customers who always set the temperature is very low, from 16 to 20 degrees C. However, this is not recommended because it will make the power consumption larger than normal, which can lead to thermal shock. very dangerous.

Therefore, as recommended by experts, you should keep the temperature at 25 degrees C – 28 degrees C, this temperature is sufficient to help the room cool, if not really enough, you can accelerate the fan. , helping to bring down the room temperature to the point of satisfaction.

Clean the filter regularly

The air in the city is very dusty, so they will accumulate quite a lot in the indoor cold filters, reducing the amount of cool air entering the room. Therefore, your job is to remove the dust filter and scrub clean with water, increase the cooling effect visible as well as save quite a bit of power consumption.

Timer off air conditioner

Most air conditioners in the family will use at night to go to bed and at bed time in the morning. But instead of having to do this, why don’t we schedule the air conditioner, let them turn themselves off early without having to turn it off.

For example, instead of 7 a.m. waking up, we can schedule a turn off at 6 am. Even if it turned off so early, the cold was still enough for us to sleep until 7am in a comfortable and pleasant way.

Additional small capacity fan

The combination of air conditioning and a small fan will help cool air evenly distributed, helping us feel the air more clearly. So instead of going to 25 degrees, we can leave 28 degrees C and 1 small fan, which saves a lot of electricity.

According to experts’ recommendations, customers use economically and no more than 8 hours / night, from 21h to 6am with a temperature of 27oC (can use the timer function to save more if the air conditioner is turned off early) physical). Calculate the average price of electricity in level 2 with about 2.3 numbers equivalent to nearly VND 4,000, a fairly cheap amount to “cope” with this harsh summer.


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