Aggression in children: omega-3s reduce it
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Aggression in children: omega-3s reduce it

The researchers followed, for a year, 200 children. One hundred of them drank, during half of the year, a drink containing 1 g of omega-3 fatty acid. The other half drank the same drink, but without omega-3 fatty acids.
Their results appeared in the journal Agressive Behavior.

Better behavior in children … and parents

The study showed that the omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in children with behavioral problems had a double advantage.

In the long term, children who took supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids saw their decreased psychological aggressiveness, according to the parents.

At the same time, the cbehavior of parents and educators children was also less aggressive, while they had not taken omega-3 fatty acids. This supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids in aggressive children therefore allowscalm the family climate.

Where can you find omega-3 fatty acids in the diet?

Apart from supplementation, we can naturally find omega-3 fatty acids in some food. The richest are: Cod liver oil, the mackerel, the sardine, the smoked trout, theOyster, the herring, the tuna, but also theraw spinach, the purslane, the li seedsn, the walnuts

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