Against fake news, Google launched a new tool Google News Initiative

Google is announcing its latest efforts to help the press industry fight the flow of misinformation. These efforts are the Google News Initiative – Google News Initiative.

Google already offers a similar service in Europe through the Digital News Initiative, but the Google News Initiative will be widely adopted worldwide.

The Google News Initiative has three specific goals: emphasizing accurate journalism while combating false news, especially during hot news events; help news sites continue to grow from a business standpoint; and create new tools to help journalists work better. Google is also very serious about supporting these goals, pledging to invest $ 300 million over the next three years.


Fighting fake news is clearly one of the most important parts of Google’s upcoming effort. Google has encountered a number of misinformation scandals, such as in the recent Las Vegas shooting. According to Google, the company is working hard to get its system to recognize hot news and make adjustments in the direction of displaying accurate results, such as using the “New Updates” section on YouTube. But even with those improvements, Google still has problems with YouTube search results, including videos with false content. Anyway, it’s good that Google is trying to improve, but it will take a long time to regain users’ trust.

In addition, Google is also working to combat fake news, incorporating news organizations like the First Draft to launch a “Disinfo Lab” campaign, against fake news in elections and hot news, though Google has yet to provide any details about the new attempt. Google is also working with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University and the Local Media Association to launch a new program called MediaWise for young readers to improve digital media skills. Google also mentioned that it is working to better define what’s called “aggregated content” or algorithmically modified content.

Google also launched a program called “Subscribe with Google”, making it easier for people to subscribe to online news sites like The New York Times and the Financial Times. Users can subscribe directly from news sites using their existing billing information from their Google account.

Ultimately, Google says it will continue to make products that support press, alluding to existing tools like AMP Stories, although it should be noted that skepticism about when AMP will be. an open platform. The search giant also announced a new tool called Outline, an open-source tool from tech firm Jigsaw, that helps news organizations create VPNs for journalists and provide them with secure internet access. than.


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