Again talking about the iPad 12 “screen 9 2021: brightness, darkness, right choice

Screen area iPad Pro 12 “9 = 516 cm2
TV screen area 65 “= 13,068 cm2 (25 times the iPad 12” 9)
The area where the TV looks is 85 “= 22.494 cm2 (43 times the iPad 12” 9)

You see 2 or 3 times the number of Mini LED bulbs on the TV than 2 or 3 times the number of Mini LED bulbs on the iPad 12 “9 screen but the size is 25 to 43 times larger. The density difference is huge and probably is. both size.

The resulting iPad Pro 12 “9 screen can reach 1,000 nits of brightness for full-frame and controllable brightness and can hit 1,600 nits for some brief viewing moments or HDR viewing content … with This brightness makes the iPad 12 “9 Pro screen not only brighter than the brightness of most OLED TVs, Mini LED even though it is a battery-powered mobile device.

If you look at the brightness parameters of the tablet using OLED screens (Amoled is also OLED), the number is even more different because the brightness of the tablet using OLED screens is only 500nit or less. The reason that tablets using OLED screens cannot be brighter is not only because of the maximum brightness it can achieve, but also related to its energy consumption. It will be very draining if you push the brightness of the screen on a machine using the OLED screen to light up. That is why if you want to save battery power, you should use DarkMode for OLED devices.

For users, a mobile device, used outdoors, the brightness is necessary. If you have to sacrifice other factors to get the brightness then it is worth it because the brighter screen will make for a better outdoor experience.

About darkness and contrast:

IPad Pro 12 “9 screen has up to 2,500 controllable areas. That means 10,000 Mini LED bulbs will be divided into 2,500 clusters, each cluster of 4 balls and iPad can individually control 2,500 clusters. The screen of the iPad Pro 12 “9 will have a much better black level than a traditional LCD screen using a normal LED or compared to a Mini LED TV with less shadow and less brightness while the size. the screen is much bigger.

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