After Yao Anna, another prince enters the circle? The adult ceremony is bigger than the star and looks like Wang Yuan

After Yao Anna, another prince enters the circle? The adult ceremony is bigger than the star and looks like Wang Yuan

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The most famous star newcomer recently is estimated to be the “Huawei Second Princess” Yao Anna. Before his debut, there was an interview with the media and the preparation of the debut practice room VLOG. It can be said that the planning is quite good.

Anna Yao has been hanging on the hot search for two days after her debut. Many netizens are joking, “Yao Anna has the money to buy the hot search. It is better to open a live broadcast with this money for a lottery. It is estimated that the popularity of passersby will be much better. “.

Because first of all, Anna Yao is not well-known, even if she debuted, no one paid attention, but after her debut, she was still listed in the top four hot searches. Netizens guessed that this hot search was probably bought. After the third day, because of the big melons , Directly pushed Yao Anna hot search down.

In the interview, many media also referred to Yao Anna as the “extraordinary princess”, which means to break the audience’s stereotype of the top rich princess. People like her should be working in certain scientific research or have higher goals, but Yao Na chose to enter the entertainment industry.

After Yao Anna, another prince enters the circle? Recently, a trainee Du Tianyu participated in the “Youth Have You 3” competition, which caused controversy because netizens broke the news that he was the prince of VIVO. The popularity of this mobile phone brand is equal to that of Yao Anna’s family. The editor guessed that Du Tianyu should be the hardest trainee in the backstage of “Youth with You 3”.

Even Yu Mengyu cheered Du Tianyu on social media to make him brave to pursue his dream. If the backstage is not strong, people may not be able to get such resources, because Zhao Xiaotang, like when “Youth with You 2” was launched before, , Kong Xueer, Liu Yuxin, Yu Shuxin and others all have star groups to support them. This is a routine arranged by the company.

In the photo, you can see that the family arranged for Du Tianyu’s 18-year-old adult ceremony and invited many relatives and friends. Du Tianyu looks fashionable and expensive in a black suit. His dinner table is designed for a row of noble dinners, filled with classmates and relatives, this row is bigger than the stars, Du Tianyu greeted everyone with champagne happily that day.

Netizens also ridiculed that Du Tianyu could form a group with Anna Yao after his debut, or co-produce a TV series. The title of the play is “Destined to Sell Mobile Phones”. I have to say that this year’s netizens are very talented. Because the backers behind these two people are all mobile phone brands, it may be much better to directly ask the family to raise money to make TV series than to participate in the draft.

Moreover, Du Tianyu and Yao Anna follow the same route, and now he has a debut practice room vlog to record some of his daily practice.

Du Tianyu’s determination to enter the entertainment industry is stronger than Yao Anna, because he has been practicing dancing and singing since he was a child. When he was ten years old, he asked his family to raise funds for a MV. You can see that the immature boy was Du Tianyu.

In fact, these rich second-generation celebrities are much easier to walk than ordinary people. For example, Anna Yao can sign the agency of Chen Feiyu, Qi Wei and others without any notice. Now there are MVs and exclusive interviews with fashion magazines. According to netizens, Anna Yao Have been exposed to TV series.

The same is true for Du Tianyu. He participated in “Youth with You 3” just to open up a reputation. With the identity of “Prince Prince”, “Rich Man” and “Invisible Royal Family”, he can win a lot of attention no matter what, and follow-up You can shoot a TV series or make a group debut.

Some netizens ridiculed that Du Tianyu is a low-profile version of Wang Yuan, because he looks very similar to Wang Yuan. It is estimated that Wang Yuan would not be so similar. Judging from the previous stage make-up styles, he was all made after Wang Yuanyuan, which shows how big his ambition to be a star is.


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