After Yang Mi, baby also began to star in siblings love drama, 12-year-old Xiao Xianrou is so cute and handsome!

After Yang Mi, baby also began to star in siblings love drama, 12-year-old Xiao Xianrou is so cute and handsome!

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I don’t know if my friends have discovered that there are many popular actresses now appearing in the TV series of sister and brother love. Although this theme has always been there, in fact, there are not many related works before, and a large part of them are Foreign countries, but now we have more and more siblings in our country, which is really gratifying.

This theme has indeed become popular since the “Next Stop Is Happiness” starring Song Qian and Song Weilong last year.

Later, Qin Lan and Wang Hedi’s “Rational Life” also had a good audience rating. Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s “The Two-Eighth Law of Love” also came to an end recently. Yang Mi, as the top traffic in all those years, starred in his siblings. Love-type TV dramas must be of particular interest to everyone, and Xu Kai has been very popular recently. From various Reuters, it can be seen that the two have a special sense of cp. No wonder there are so many friends who are looking forward to it.

Baby also started to star in the sister and brother romance drama

Recently, after Yang Mi, baby actually started to star in a sibling love drama. This drama is called “The Way Love Should Be”. We all know that baby’s resources have always been very good. At that time, she took the role when she first came to the mainland to develop. She has made a lot of big productions and big IP TV series, so she has become one of the post-85s. Although baby’s acting skills are often controversial, she has to say that she has made some progress in the past two years.

Especially last year, baby’s performance in “Skyscrapers” really surprised a lot of people. It can be seen that baby can actually have acting skills, but she has not found a way. Before baby came up to perform all kinds of difficult tasks. A big production drama, but in fact, she should first star in some relatively simple dramas. In fact, there is nothing wrong with dating sweet pet dramas. It would be very suitable to star in a sweet love drama with a baby’s face!

And “The Way Love Should Be”, as a TV series about the love between sister and brother, immediately attracted the attention of many people. Now this drama is already being filmed, and there are many related Reuters on the Internet!

I saw that the baby in Reuters is dressed in a white-collar style, and the whole person looks very clean and tidy. I have to say that the baby’s fashion sense is really good. She is very suitable for her to play such an urban beauty!

The male protagonist is a legitimate little meat idol

This time baby, the heroine Yin can also seem to have a perfect life, living a natural 35-year-old life. Whether in the company or at home, she can always be considerate and considerate, like a Wonder Woman who never gets tired, taking care of her side. Everyone, but only forgot to warm themselves. Until I met Xu Guangxi in a corner of the convenience store when she was a child, she often went to the house to eat dinner. She is now a sunny boy, and a touch of sunlight shines into her heart.

Yin Yej understands in this relationship that the best love is not to sacrifice each other, but to attract and respect each other, so that each other can become better people.

From the perspective of the plot, it feels quite reliable, and this drama is actually the same as other siblings in TV series. There are both younger brothers and mature men. Of course, the male lead must be the younger brother, and the male lead The actor is Lai Guanlin, I believe everyone is no stranger to Lai Guanlin.

He became popular with the Korean talent show “PRODUCE 101 Season 2”. At that time, he successfully qualified for his debut with seventh place, and has many fans in Korea and China.

All three protagonists have super high looks

Of course, now he has returned to China and developed. In the past two years, he has actually filmed two youth dramas “The Little Thing of First Love” and “Don’t Disturb My Study”. As an idol who is not from a major, Lai Guanlin’s acting skills have It’s pretty good.

Lai Guanlin’s age in reality is 12 years younger than the baby. This age difference is just right to play the role of siblings. After all, the younger brother really needs this kind of young fresh meat to play the most suitable!

In fact, the second male number is also the god of many people. He is Qiao Zhenyu. Qiao Zhenyu has been in debut for many years and has brought many good dramas to everyone. According to Reuters, Qiao Zhenyu is also wearing a suit and tie. In this state, he can’t even appear in him. Forty-two, I have to say that the value of this drama is too high, I really have to watch everything!

I don’t know what everyone thinks about this? Welcome to express your own views in the comments and discuss with the editor!


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