After watching the tidbits of motion capture, I finally understand what it means to be a “dramatic upper body”

Recently, I saw a very interesting news. Capcom released a behind-the-scenes footage of the strange hunting CG in the live broadcast.

This CG depicts the earth-shattering battle between Golden Lion and Kirin.

If you only look at the original film, the monster’s huge figure, low roar, and various lightning special effects are the blessings of the Boss battle.

But after watching the real production tidbits, I laughed.

It turned out that the golden lion who won the final in CG had a special actor to play, and the real body of Kirin, who was miserably broken, was a roll of quilt.

In order to show the power of the golden lion, we can see that the actor named “Sugihara Akira” is very engaged:

Fighting passionately with the quilt, and taking out the water bottle from the quilt, this seemingly easy movement is very hard work, but it perfectly restores the golden lion’s sense of power when he pulls off the upper corner of the unicorn head.

After eating the horns, it looks crunchy.

At the beginning of the entire video, the official also specially clipped his stance of playing the golden lion with the game scene, and the taste instantly came into being.

Speaking of which, the technology of motion capture is often used as a kind of tidbit, and it is released for everyone to enjoy.

The tidbits are real and interesting, and motion capture can be said to have the largest contrast. After all, one is a lively interpretation of reality, and the other is a virtual picture processed by various technologies.

Today, motion capture has been widely used in games and movies. For example, the former global box office champion “Avatar”, which was released in 2008, uses motion capture technology to shoot.

Gorgeous pictures, coupled with the blue-skinned aliens played directly by the actors, the visual effects of the entire film are completely fake.

The more famous example in the game is “Call of Duty”, a series of generations have adopted a lot of action capture content, all to create a real sense of war presence.

In most cases, when it comes to virtual CG scenes, the difference between motion capture and no motion capture is obvious. Character expressions and movements are unnatural and basically can be distinguished with the naked eye.

Motion capture is a time-consuming and labor-intensive technical activity that covers body movements and facial expressions. A large amount of data must be collected and processed through complex adjustments before it can be converted into the final product.

Of course, the effect of motion capture also depends to a large extent on the performance level of the actors.

Because the operating environment of motion capture is different from that of ordinary filming, it feels different for actors.

For example, everyone has played The Witcher 3. Even if you have n’t played it, you should still be impressed with Gerlot’s stallion behavior in the game.

In the funny highlights released by CDPR at the tenth anniversary celebration of the wizard, there are many scene making tidbits.

Indeed, as they promised before the release of The Witcher 3, all the fragrant scenes in the game were completed using motion capture.

From here, we see that the stupid donkey is meticulous about any scene and implements true ingenuity.

But somehow, watching the actors in motion-capture costumes started “Qing Qing Me, Me”, the audience laughed the most.

There are no decent bedrooms, and no soft double beds. Actors and actresses dressed in uninteresting motion capture suits, and a third person took a meticulous shot with a camera. Atmosphere.

In contrast, it is really easy for someone to play an opponent together.

Actors in CG often have to face the air or a certain role in the imagination to perform awkwardly, which is quite a test of acting skills and imagination.

Even if the final product is likely to shock your senses, the contrast of these “pictures for reference only” is a real laugh at the scene.

Regardless of the movie or game, as long as there is a motion capture scene, naturally there will be no lack of drama, dedicated actor who strives to laugh.

An amazing picture, the truth behind it may be a more exciting performance.

So, how did the crossbow little solution in “Dead Strand” be made?

I think the answer should already be clear in your mind.

Author: salt
Source: BB


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