After watching "Hello Li Huanying", I realized how "low-level" Han Han's "Riding the Wind and Waves" is

After watching “Hello Li Huanying”, I realized how “low-level” Han Han’s “Riding the Wind and Waves” is

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“Hello Li Huanying” is the strongest dark horse in the 2021 Spring Festival film war. “It’s so crying” and “moving” are its high-frequency words. However, there are also doubts. Many people unconsciously think of 2017 after reading it. There is also a similar movie in the Spring Festival of New Year. It was directed and written by Han Han, starring Deng Chao, Peng Yuyan, and Zhao Liying. It was called “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves”. In those days, many viewers’ first feeling after watching it was “laughs and tears”.

“Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves” Douban scored 6.8 points, with a total box office of 1 billion, and “Hello Li Huanying” Douban scored 8.3 points, the industry forecasted a total box office of 4 billion. The same theme, similar plot, highly consistent evaluation, why the two data days Difference?

“Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves” and “Hello Li Huanying” seem to be the same, but in fact they are different.

First, there is a visual difference. “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves” tells the story of a “self”. At the beginning of the movie, Xu Tailang, played by Deng Chao, became the champion of racing drivers. He was worried about his father’s failure to support his career. He embarrassed his father in public and asked his father to ride in a car, all to prove himself to the other side.

After the accident, Xu Tailang traveled to Tinglin Town in 1998 to meet his young father, and met his mother in the photo. At first, he didn’t know that Xiaohua had changed her name and was his mother, so he took advantage of his father. When you don’t pay attention to tempting Xiaohua, the two really almost happened.

Xu Tailang has only one purpose, and that is to help his father marry Zhang Suzhen so that he can be born. As for whether the mother’s postpartum depression can be reversed, it is not important to him, and he never wanted to change it. Zhao Liying’s Xiaohua role is a tool man for the father and son in “Riding the Wind and the Waves”. Compare with Xu Tailang’s questioning of his father causing his mother to jump off the building and ignore his wife, which is a bit “hypocritical.”

“Hello Li Huanying” tells a story of “no-self”. Jia Xiaoling always thought that she was not a qualified daughter. After the accident, her purpose was to make her mother happier and happier.

Do everything possible to get Li Huanying to buy the first TV set in the factory, encourage Li Huanying to participate in a volleyball game so that life will turn around, match Li Huanying and the factory director’s son Shen Guanglin’s blind date, so that the mother will marry a rich second generation, not It was not even willing to buy a ticket in a snowy day like before.

Just to make her mother happier, Jia Xiaoling took the initiative to give up her chance of being born. She would rather her mother have an “excellent” daughter like Shen Tingting. Compared with “Crawling the Wind”, this kind of love is purer, more sincere, selfless and bolder. Some netizens commented that Jia Ling dug out her heart and showed it to everyone, can she not move?

The second is the difference in themes. “Riding the Wind and Waves” revolves around “understanding”. At the beginning of the story, how I don’t understand my father, and the end of the story, then how much I love my father. On the hospital bed, he fantasizes about creating an image of a brave, dedicated and affectionate father. There are reasons for self-comforting his father in jail and his mother’s depression. When he understands his father, he will also reconcile with his paranoid self in the future. No longer carry on with a hostile spirit, but, the dream will always wake up one day, in a sense, Benmiao thinks “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves” is a tragedy.

“Hello Li Huanying” focuses on “salvation”. What Jia Xiaoling has been doing until 1981 is “saving” her mother. When she learned that Li Huanying secretly received the license, she wanted to tear off her mother’s marriage certificate, even if her mother repeatedly emphasized me. I am very happy that I love that man. However, Jia Xiaoling’s self-righteous “salvation” of her mother was actually destroying her. On the contrary, there was a reversal at the end. The leader of this dream turned out to be Li Huanying!

Li Huanying created a dream while she was still alive and led her daughter into the dream, because her daughter could not remember what it was like in 1981. Through this dream, the mother enlightens her daughter without blaming herself before death, you are already good enough. Ben Miao couldn’t help thinking of a passage from Long Yingtai in “Watching”: “I gradually learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-child game only means that the fate between you and him is constantly watching him in this life. The back figure is drifting away. You stand at this end of the path, watching him gradually disappear at the corner of the path, and he uses his back to tell you silently: don’t chase.”

Finally, there are different perceptions about family affection. In the minds of many domestic dramas and movie screenwriters, nothing can prove that feelings are more precious than a misunderstanding. In idol dramas, the male and female protagonists are always embarrassed because of the villain’s provocation or the contradiction of a few words. When the finale comes, there is a real face-to-face exchange, which means that their love has withstood the test. Difficult to disassemble. But is family love the same?

In “Riding the Wind and the Waves”, Xu Tailang’s impression of his father changed because he traveled to the past and found that his father was in jail for his brothers, and his mother’s postpartum depression was because of his father’s hardships, so he let it go, and he began to love the one he hated the most. People out.

In “Tangshan Earthquake”, Fang Deng hated her for 32 years because her mother didn’t save herself. When she participated in the rescue, she heard the story in the vision of her younger brother. She began to think that her mother actually loves herself. Tomatoes burst into tears. So far, the relationship between her and her mother has returned to the original beauty.

But there are so many misunderstandings in the world. After each misunderstanding, can the feelings really withstand the wind and rain like in the film and television drama? The most touching thing about “Hello Li Huanying” is that family affection does not need to prove its preciousness through misunderstanding between father and son or mother and daughter. Especially after the accident, this heart-wrenching feeling is even stronger. In real life, many people lose their favorites inadvertently.

In fact, Han Han’s director level is better than Jia Ling’s, but facing the same subject matter, he is obviously not as meticulous as Jia Ling, not to mention, “Hello Li Huanying” is a gift from Jia Ling to his mother. Input and output are very different. The Spring Festival is a day suitable for Chinese people to release their emotions. No wonder “Hello Li Huanying” exploded.


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