After watching 4 episodes, I can’t survive. I can’t believe this is a new drama directed by Feng Xiaogang!

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On July 11th, the new drama “Northern Ruins” directed by the great director Feng Xiaogang was launched. I couldn’t wait to find it, but I tried to watch 4 episodes quickly. It was really uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe it was Feng Xiaogang. The director’s new work.

“Northern Ruins” is starring five beautiful actresses: Lan Yingying, Jin Chen, Tie Ni, Sui Yuan, and Wang Luodan. The lineup is very luxurious, and there are also a group of well-known actors who have guest appearances. Song Dandan has guest appearances in the third episode, and Huang Bo is in In the fourth episode, Feng Xiaogang himself also played a guest role with Huang Bo.

On the first day of the broadcast, “Northern Ruins” reached the 9th place on the hot list of the entire network, and the next day it soared to the 2nd place, beating “Hello, Flame Blue”, but lost to “Qian Gu Jue” dust”.

It is worthy of being a new work directed by Feng Xiaogang. It became a hit when it first aired.

Feng Xiaogang has directed many classic movies, including “Party A and Party B”, “Endless”, “A World Without Thieves”, “Assembly Number”, etc. Before Feng Xiaogang became famous, he was actually a TV drama director, early in his career as a director. , Mainly on TV series.

“Northern Ruins” is a failed TV series. After watching 4 episodes, I was greatly disappointed. I couldn’t find the elements of Feng Xiaogang’s movie at all. I can only see Feng Xiaogang in the play.

The story was dull at the beginning. Dai Xiaoyu, who played by Jin Chen, was preparing to marry a man in Norway. Last second, Dai Xiaoyu tried her wedding dress in the United States.

Suddenly, the next shot was Dai Xiaoyu waiting in front of the emergency room. Her fiance, Peng Pai, suddenly became seriously ill. This set of shots was quite jumpy, not smooth at all, and the plot was pretty bloody.

Peng Pai was still rescued, and Dai Xiaoyu found out that Peng Pai had been deceiving her and had not divorced his wife at all. Dai Xiaoyu was very depressed, depressed that he had actually become an unknown mistress.

Peng Pai is also very good. Before getting divorced, she was preparing to marry Dai Xiaoyu. Dai Xiaoyu felt uncomfortable after thinking about it, so she left Peng Pai and returned to Beijing to start a new life.

After a period of decadence, Dai Xiaoyu went to dinner with his sister Bao Xue. He was very outspoken in drinking, and was valued by a boss. He recruited Dai Xiaoyu into his company to engage in public relations, specifically to accompany dinner and drink.

On the other side, You Shanshan and Si Meng, who had once had a relationship, met in the supermarket. The wallet was left in the supermarket. Si Meng picked up the wallet and chased after him. You Shanshan was very grateful and said that she would invite her to dinner.

Si Meng said that he would go back to repair the washing machine. You Shanshan immediately bought her a washing machine and sent it to her home. She also told Si Meng that the best way to repair it was to replace it with a new one. Are Beijingers so embarrassed? Do not look at where the washing machine is broken, just replace it with a new one.

A work completely divorced from reality. These girls live in either a villa or a large mansion in Beijing. They can get a job and just eat and eat. The salary is good and the salary is high. It’s not a problem to send a washing machine or something to friends. , In this world, it is estimated that a refrigerator can be sincere enough to stop by.

“Northern Ruins” is of course not useless. The most interesting section is the one where Huang Bo appeared. The comedy effect is very good. It satirizes the “digital actors” in the entertainment circle. When performing, they don’t speak lines, they just use “1234567…” Instead.

However, on the whole, “Northern Ruins” is disappointing after all. If it weren’t for Feng Xiaogang’s appearance, I can’t believe it is Feng’s work.


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