After two years, Yang Zi starred in costumes again, and saw the two male protagonists who were candidates: the ratings are about to explode!

After two years, Yang Zi starred in costumes again, and saw the two male protagonists who were candidates: the ratings are about to explode!

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“A Family with Children” is not unfamiliar to many people, and it can even be said to accompany everyone when they grow up.

Among them, Yang Zi, who plays Xiaoxue, is now among the “Four Little Girls born in the 90s”. His popularity is high and his strength should not be underestimated.

As a child star, she has been in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. This year is really not short.

Many actors who worked with her joked that they “grew up watching Teacher Yang Zi’s play”.

In an interview, Yang Zi also mentioned that the play “Family Has Children” was a milestone for her, which made her known to the audience.

Then Yang Zi also starred in some works, the roles are similar.

Sun Quan, a college student in the youth inspirational comedy “Girls Rush Chong Chong” premiered in 2009.

And Hu Xiangxiang in the modern revolutionary war drama “War in Changsha”.

But none of these roles caused much disturbance.

And when we saw Yang Zi on the screen and remembered her again, it was Qiu Yingying in the play “Ode to Joy”.

She didn’t want to play Qiu Yingying at first, because Qiu Yingying is a person without IQ and background.

The silly girl rushed forward with only a passion of blood. However, this drama is her first adult drama, and it can be considered very successful.

Later, Yang Zi tried his best to perform every play, trying to make everyone admire.

After so many years, Yang Zi did it. She has one after another explosive drama, both the director and the actors are vying to cooperate with her, this is the confidence of strength.

Especially in the two costume dramas, everyone not only saw her amazing acting skills, but also saw her good looks.

One is Jin Mi, the heroine in “Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost”,

This character is the daughter of the flower god Zifen and the water god Luo Lin, who inherits the beauty of her mother, Qiguo Guo.

When the goddess Yang Zi came to play this role, many netizens questioned her.

Because this character is too high-valued, it is the first beauty.

However, after this work was broadcast, many netizens were lamenting that she was so beautiful in this work.

The other one is “Legend of the White Snake”, a collaboration with Deng Lun.

In this work, Yang Zi starred as Bai Yaoyao.

Tao Zhiyaoyao, Zhuo Qihua’s name, got it very well.

Although Bai Yaoyao in this work is also very cute and agile,

However, compared with Jin Mi, this role is actually more mature. Yang Zi, these two costume characters, are both very beautiful.

Therefore, many people now think that Yang Zi is very suitable for the interpretation of costume dramas.

And just recently, it was reported on the Internet that Yang Zi will perform a costume drama again after two years.

The name of the show is “Bending the Waist”, and the important thing is that the actor she worked with before is likely to be a second match with her.

After hearing the news, the audience began to count the actors she had worked with. Among them, Deng Lun and Li Xian had the highest voices.

First of all, some netizens broke the news that Deng Lun intends to continue with Yang Zi.

In order to cooperate, he didn’t even fight for the position.

Everyone knows that Yang Zi has “fandom cancer”. After “Xiangmi” fans of Deng Lun and Yang Zi had a lot of quarrels because of fandom.

Deng Lun did this. I wonder if the male lead will fall into his hands?

Then the other one is Li Xian, whom we mentioned,

Everyone should also be aware that Li Xian is also one of the CPs of Yang Zi out of the circle.

Li Xian went viral after cooperating with Yang Zi on “Dear, Loved”. After the fire, there were no works and he fell silent again.

Some time ago, he played a guest role with Yang Zi in “Your Time, My Time” again and again, it is hot search,

Therefore, many netizens also hope to see the two collaborate again this time.

Netizens said after seeing this: If it is really one of Deng Lun and Li Xian cooperating with Yang Zi, then the ratings of this drama will definitely explode!

So who are you more looking forward to seeing the cooperation with Yang Zi?

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