After three consecutive bursts, has content marketing become a new casual game bursting routine?

“Sister is the queen, shine on her own, come if you love me, don’t be crazy if you don’t love…”

Recently, the game video “High heels is the most beautiful” with the magical rhythm of “Sister is the queen, confidently shine” has swept all major online platforms. From “Synthetic Watermelon” last year to “Master of Emerald” at the beginning of the year, to “The Most Beautiful With You”, which sits firmly on the TOP10 list of free games in the App Store now, content marketing has continuously created three ways to drive games out of the circle. A casual hot style. So does this mean that content marketing has become a new routine for casual games? Is the success of this content marketing program reproducible?

Content marketing fires three games one after another

At the end of last year, “Synthetic Big Watermelon” had not yet landed on any platform except the official website. It became popular on social platforms overnight with just one link, and it quickly appeared on Weibo hot searches, and was subsequently assisted by a batch of Weibo big V users tap water. , “Synthetic Watermelon” related discussions and interesting slogans swept the Internet, the game topics quickly exceeded 100 million, the number of users reached tens of millions, and even the server was paralyzed.

The “Master of Emerald” launched by Ohayoo during the Spring Festival Golden Week selected the marketing position on the Douyin platform. With the cooperation of professional MCN, the head of the short video platform KOL successively went on the stage to create marketing topics, successfully building momentum and promoting ” “Master of Emerald” quickly went out of the circle. The game teahouse learned from Ohayoo and its partner MCN organization that more than 230 Douyin video masters participated in the content promotion of “Master of Emerald”, and finally helped “Master of Emerald” to add more than one million new users on the first day of launch. It broke through the highest value of new users on the first day of casual games. Within 10 days of launching, the volume of Douyin videos alone exceeded 3 million. At the same time, “Master of Emerald” quickly reached the top of the App Store free game list and was on the list. The first position was held firmly for 17 days.

(Masters work together to create topics)

The recent vibrato version of “The Most Beautiful High Heel Me” and “Master of Emerald” adopted a similar strategy, using short video content for topic marketing, head KOL on stage, and game graphics with magical rhythm “Sister is the Queen”, which fits and The brainwashing video content swept from Douyin to Station B, and it also attracted a large number of players to actively create and upload video content, completing effective secondary dissemination. Then, he created the topic of “High Follow Me The Most Beautiful Dungeon Mode Scam” to further maintain the popularity of the game.

Tik Tok related videos

B station related video

Interestingly, this wave of content marketing not only attracted a large number of users for the Douyin version of “High Heels!”, it even brought a lot to the original version of “High Heels!” produced by Zynga. Popularity, from February 6th to March 15th, “High Heels!” has been on the App Store free game list TOP10 for 38 consecutive days.

(Seven wheat data)

From Weibo to Douyin to Station B, it is very common to unite platform experts to conduct game marketing through content. And the above three examples also show that under the cluster effect, KOLs with a large number of fans collectively vocalize, it is easy to promote the birth of a hot topic, and for casual games that are originally aimed at pan-gaming users, this The method is also easier to attract potential players to participate in the game in a mass manner, thereby achieving the effect of increasing and profiting game users.

Content marketing with difficult to detect data is still risky

But in the current casual game market, most manufacturers still use traditional buying as the most important way to absorb. According to the interviews conducted by Game Tea House, it is found that uncertain factors such as effect detection and settlement methods in content marketing are the main concerns of most game manufacturers.

The person in charge of a self-developed casual game manufacturer in Guangzhou told the game teahouse that they had also considered promoting the game through live broadcast or video content, but the difficult-to-quantify user conversion effect and the difficult-to-match settlement method are really difficult to make people feel at ease. , So they finally chose the traditional buying volume in the new product that can be settled based on user clicks or conversion results.

In fact, the above problems do exist on many platforms. For example, in live broadcast platforms or social platforms where download links cannot be inserted, there is no data to quantify the real volume effect of the content, so there is no way to make corresponding settlements. Therefore, in this case, the manufacturer will inevitably need to bear more Cost risk.

But on some platforms, this problem has a corresponding solution. For example, in Douyin, if the KOL receives the promotion task through the official Douyin task station, the manufacturer can directly provide the expert with corresponding benefits based on the detection of the video content data; on the other hand, if you choose to cooperate with MCN, the manufacturer will still It is possible to negotiate a settlement plan with MCN in advance, and choose whether to settle with the master through user conversion (CPA) or communication effect (CPM).

Creative games are innately compatible with content marketing

Although there are still many uncertainties in the overall market for content acquisition, for casual games with creativity as the core, this kind of absorption method that uses the spread of core gameplay as a selling point is still very worth trying.

First, the users of the two match each other. It is not difficult to see from the above three cases that most of the people who follow interesting videos and new topics on various platforms are Internet users who are killing time through fragmented information on the network, and these users happen to be the same as the potential players targeted by casual games. . Although other categories of products can also reach players through the selection of talent categories and audience attributes, casual games, with the universality of their user groups, can more quickly absorb volume through the creation of platform topics.

Secondly, creative themes are easier to make content that is easy to spread. Compared with other categories, casual games have a low threshold, simple gameplay, strong creativity in themes, and it is easier to make eye-catching communication content. For example, the game “High heels is the most beautiful”, under the complementary rhythm of the magical rhythm of “Sister is the Queen”, fully demonstrates the core gameplay of the game, and secondly creates a dissemination material that is more magical than the game content itself. Interesting content dissemination attracts more users, among which users join the ranks of content creation, thus forming a positive cycle of game absorption and content dissemination.

“High heels I am the most beautiful” video barrage interaction

“Synthetic Watermelon” video barrage interaction

Finally, the use of content marketing to boost the rapid acquisition of casual games has been verified by the market many times. For example, the successful marketing of “Master of Emerald” on Douyin this time was created by Ohayoo’s joint professional MCN agency, through a series of processes such as KOL selection and topic guidance. Chongqing Yunwei Technology, the producer of the Douyin version of “The Most Beautiful High Heel Me”, is itself a professional Internet marketing team. This also shows that, as long as you have sufficient capital investment, it is completely feasible to replicate the explosion of the above several products through content marketing.


Overall, on the basis of traditional purchases, new acquisition methods including content marketing have gradually entered the vision of game manufacturers, and many manufacturers have obtained good market feedback through these methods.

However, compared with traditional purchased material, content marketing is closer to the real game core gameplay spread, so higher requirements for game quality are correspondingly put forward. In addition, platforms with different attributes and the choice of talents have become new issues that game manufacturers need to face. For example, Weibo with a large user base and a wide range of types is more suitable for exposure, and TikTok, which can directly insert download links, is suitable. For user conversion, station B with a strong creative atmosphere is more suitable for creative content re-creation and secondary dissemination.

With the maturity of more new acquisition methods, the game buying market will become a pattern where traditional buying is the mainstay, supplemented by a variety of emerging buying channels. Game Teahouse believes that although content marketing cannot completely replace the traditional buying volume in the field of game promotion, it can also provide teams with new acquisition ideas. On the basis of traditional buying volume, it can improve the dissemination effect of high-quality products. Make a supplement.

Source: Game Tea House


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