After the naked resignation of the central enterprise, this man who loves to play extreme sports finally got out of the circle "crazy"

After the naked resignation of the central enterprise, this man who loves to play extreme sports finally got out of the circle “crazy”

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From “Lotus”, praised by Zhang Yixing, to “Rolling Bead Curtain”, which was first out of the circle, to the hot search “Luo Shen Water Fu”, underwater dance director Guo Jiyong’s underwater national style dance works have been overwhelmed. More and more people have been exclaimed by netizens as “extremely beautiful.”

It takes about 50 seconds to change the breath, and it is repeated more than 200 times a day, soaking in the water for 26 hours…The short 2-minute work full of imagination is actually a process of pushing oneself to the limit.

In 2018, after the resignation of a central enterprise that had stayed for nearly 6 years, 33-year-old Guo Jiyong began a long-planned escape-far away from the intrigue of the office, Guo Jiyong began to play out of control.

Diving, skiing, parachuting, sea, land, and air trips. If he had enough of himself and enough filming, he began to wonder, how can he take others to play and help others to take pictures?

In this way, from a travel photographer, an extreme photographer, to an underwater dance director, he also completed his transformation with a little change of breath.

This time, we talked to him, what made him make all those alternative choices? What kind of experience is it to become an underwater director of photography?

The following is Guo Jiyong’s narrative (edited).

Naked speech, and out of control…play

In 2007, after graduating from Nanjing Forestry University, I came to Wuxi to engage in engineering and real estate work, and engage in government project bidding.

Five years later, he quit and went to a real estate company to apply for approval and construction.

It is a centrally-owned enterprise and often needs to find some Party A to go through the approval process. My daily work is to drink with them and have a good relationship with them. Every day from nine to five, doing exactly the same thing, contacting a similar group of people.

I think this kind of coveting is a bit fake. I drank a lot of wine that I didn’t want to drink, and said a lot of things against my intentions. This kind of compliant life is not a thing that makes me happy, and even worry that I will be like this in the next few decades?

Source: Guo Jiyong

It lasted for 6 years. Because of the intrigue between the two leaders, I became a pawn in their struggle. This matter made me unable to accept, so I made up my mind to leave my job.

I deliberately gave my mother a vaccination and told her that I was going to resign. During that time, she was very panicked and said, “Don’t talk, and stick to it. After all, this is a Fortune 500 state-owned enterprise, stable.

But I hope to be able to do what I want while I am young. After I’m 50, I may not be able to do it anymore, so why don’t I put the things I want to do now but can’t do in the future and do it now? Even if I can’t work it out, or if I can’t live, I can’t survive, I can go back to work.

My mother knows me, and I will stick to anything that I like, and will never give up easily.After all, since college, I have often done some “deviant” things, and persisted for many years.

I like dancing very much. When I was in college, I opened a street dance studio in my hometown (Jingjiang City) and took others to dance with me. I made 20,000 yuan in a summer vacation. My mother was shocked when she knew it, but she saw my ability to make money and began to respect my choice.

In 2011, after the first exposure to diving in Thailand, it was “out of control”. In order to explore the ocean, he also went through a long way to upgrade from monsters, and obtained a diving license, rescue diver license and diving master license. But I feel that scuba diving can’t satisfy my desire for the ocean. Two years later, I started to challenge free diving again and passed the teaching assistant license. From then on, I led the students to explore the mystery of the ocean together.

At that time, I would often take photos that were cool and handsome, and sometimes I couldn’t take them by myself, so I asked someone to take them for me.

Source: Guo Jiyong’s Weibo @ 話頭動報傳吉叔

But I found thatThose diving enthusiasts may not take pictures, and those who can take pictures may not dare to dive.Sometimes the pictures presented in my mind can’t be understood by other people, and even if they understand, they can’t shoot them.

I have also watched a lot of underwater diving videos, most of which are just one shot, one shot to the end. These photographers don’t have the concept of split shots, and they don’t have a sense of picture. They don’t even have a structure with a beginning and a tail. This is not photography, it’s just a record, it’s a piece of fragments.

So in 2017, with a sense of mission of “I will show you those awesome images”, I decided to learn photography.After playing for so long and being handsome for so long, you have to take others to play handsome together to have a sense of accomplishment.

In order to be able to shoot underwater, I also specially bought the equipment needed for underwater photography-a 50,000 camera, a 20,000 flash and a 30,000 waterproof case. The equipment is ready before the technology is learned.

Every day to challenge the limit

In the month I had just resigned, I instantly lost my income. The money was spent on hobbies that burned money, and I didn’t have much savings. I was so panicked.

Later, I joined a diving club in Shanghai and did travel photography for a travel company under the club.

Wandering abroad for almost 365 days , From the light blue hole of Rota Island to the pink sand beach of Komodo Island, from Hawaii, which swims with humpback whales and sharks, to the Danish Strait, the dividing line between Europe and North America…

After drifting outside for more than a year, I once came home and when I was driving on an elevated bridge, I accidentally saw the bright lights in the office building. At that moment, I was so envious of these people, I felt that I really wanted to come back to work.

After thinking about it for half an hour, I stopped this “unrealistic” fantasy. With that time, I might as well think about what itinerary to send tomorrow to see if I can make money first. At that time, my state was “It’s good to be alive”.

Except for this half an hour, for so long, I really feel that resignation is the most right thing I have ever done in my life. Every thing I do, every day I live, I live for myself. This state is completely different from when I was at work. Before, the leader asked me to do what I did. Although now I may also bend for five buckets of rice and shoot repetitive assembly lines in order to make money, but that’s okay. This is what I want to do.

Guo Jiyong

There are more and more places to go, and I have accumulated a group of old customers, who are willing to go to places like this with me that no one has been to. Sometimes when I see a photo on the Internet, I think this place is cool, so I will find out where it is with customers and start planning.

We have traveled all over the world, diving into the severe cold of Iceland’s Silfra and feeling the wonderland at the end of the world. We went to Lanzarote, Spain and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco to be the first Chinese to go there.

I have a saying: “Live the life of the limit with the attitude of the limit”.

This limit does not refer to danger, but to go out and take a round of things, which is really bitter.

In January 2020, we made an appointment to climb the Caucasus Snow Mountain in Rugia. As a result, I broke my leg because of parachuting. In order to record the process of climbing the snow mountain in my own way, I took the steel nails in my ankles, carried a veneer, and carried equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars, and just followed the customer. I climbed the Caucasus Snow Mountain in Georgia in two hours, but I couldn’t run it.

Sometimes the state of the whole person is forced to be together, maybe I can only sleep for two hours a day, and the pictures taken in the morning will be released in the evening, which is quite limit for me.

When I came back, I cultivated for a while. I wanted to do a big job in 2020. As a result, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic forced me to continue to rest at home and cut off my source of income.

One day I happened to see the underwater dance “Sea Girl” by a foreign god. I felt that my ideal was ignited. I didn’t expect that thirteen years of dancing and four years of underwater photography could be used at the same time.

In the beginning, I didn’t have professional equipment and team, only me, the actors and the security guards, pushing the floating ball and racking some simple creative actions-underwater drinking, underwater avatar, underwater puppets, etc. Slowly, I started to experiment with different styles-such as underwater piano, underwater parkour. In order to take better pictures, I traveled to diving bases across the country, just to choose suitable venues and shoot better-looking works, so that everyone can pay attention to the underwater world and appreciate the charm of underwater.

Guo Jiyong photographed underwater

Then I made a video and chose a Chinese song. My little friend saw it and asked me: “Why do you choose a Chinese song? The Chinese song is a bit low, not very foreign.” At that time, I was stunned. Why is the Chinese style low? I began to firm up my belief that I wanted to use Chinese elements and Chinese characteristics to make an underwater dance work against foreign works.

Diving itself is an imported product, and many outstanding underwater works were taken by foreigners. In the country, he still stays in front of the front and raises his long legs, wandering in the water in a bikini.

I have been wandering outside for a long time, and the more I see the outside world, the better I feel about my country. So I hope to express my thoughts and feelings in my own way through my professional skills.

I hope that everyone can accept the Chinese style underwater dance, and let more capable directors do these things, so that our own works can go out.

Hip-hop + diving = underwater dance director

Last September, I released the first underwater national style dance work-“Lotus”. After the release of the work, the original author of the song was praised by Zhang Yixing. This is the first time that my work has appeared in everyone’s field of vision. After that, CCTV also invited me to cooperate in filming, and joined hands with two Chinese national synchronized swimmers to present a short film of Chinese ink and Chinese style two-person underwater dance art-“Yi”.

Since then, I have officially become an underwater dance director.

“Rolling Bead Curtain” is my first official work after becoming an underwater dance director, and it is also the third chapter of my underwater national style dance series. Although the video is only two minutes, it took two months of hard work behind it to overthrow the three plans before planning the music, venue, and action.

Guo Jiyong and his colleague DADA at the House of Dancing Water in Macau

At first we decided to go to the Zhongsha Islands, but because our boat was cancelled, we didn’t make it. A colleague of our company suggested that…The House of Dancing Water in Macau (The House of Dancing Water Theater in City of Dreams, Macau). After seeing the photos and videos of the venue, I think this venue is too suitable for shooting “Rolling Bead Curtain”.

I especially like the street dance version of “Rolling Bead Curtain” in “This is Street Dance 3”. So I started contacting teacher Gai Gai, and it took a lot of effort to get in touch with her, and (on the phone) I made an appointment to take the actors to Chengdu to learn how to move.

I don’t need to dance as gracefully and smoothly as an actor, but I need to know what her movements are. So I can know how to determine the direction of the lens movement. It took two days to learn all the movements, and then took the model to prepare for the post-shooting. After planning for more than half a month, we went to Macau for filming.

But because of the underwater buoyancy, the actor’s movements are difficult to unwind, and the filming process is particularly tight. In the first filming, because he was not familiar with the venue, the actor did not know the distance between the person and the pavilion when he jumped from the pavilion to the bottom of the pool, and accidentally bumped his nose against the pavilion.

The whole shooting process was really too difficult.

We shoot one shot at a time. Some shots are simpler and only need to hold your breath for 30 seconds to complete the shot; some are harder, hold your breath for a longer time, and may take more than minutes under the water. In order to prevent the body’s metabolism from affecting the expected holding time underwater, almost all of us dare not eat or drink.

It takes seven or eight hours to soak in water for one shot. The whole person feels extremely cold and often sweats at night.

It’s not that I didn’t want to rest for a period of time in the past, but in the end I still didn’t act. Because I was really pushed away, watching the other friends in the team fight together, I can’t rest. What if I don’t care about them and rest for half a month by myself?

And I can’t get free. I often think about giving myself a week off, but after a day off, I have to talk to you about something.

Our team members are almost fixed. Specialized security officers, actors, and fixed post-teams have all worked together for a long time and have been cooperating. We meet together, plan music, design actions, and choose venues.

Guo Jiyong and the “Luo Shen Water Fu” team (partial)

Before shooting, we have to talk to the actors about what we want to take in this shot, where and what the model will do, and to what extent. The security officer should also be told when and where he should be, and he should not be able to wear a gang, and the actor should be quickly taken out as soon as possible.Because the accessories hung on the actor’s body are very heavy, she can’t swim up by herself, so she can only rely on the security guard to catch it.

Many of the things we do are just like a concept, there is no way to mass produce, the key is to rely on inspiration. Sometimes when I use Douyin or see some other types of artwork, I will suddenly wonder, can this kind of thing be moved underwater? Can it be moved to the sky? Is there a way to present it?

I have seen an Armani commercial before. They combined the elements of skydiving and took a lipstick ad. I was shocked when I saw it at the airport. Is it so difficult to shoot commercials now?So I also hope that I can do some cross-level things. Is there a possibility of parachuting directly into the water?

Our team will discuss together, hold preparatory meetings, and never work behind closed doors. Usually, I have some inspiration suddenly, and I will also find a notepad to write it down as a theme library. When you find a suitable person and see a suitable venue, you can use these ideas anytime, anywhere.

I immersed myself in filming for more than a year, but I didn’t expect it to become popular because of the “Rolling Bead Curtain”. I didn’t expect to have such a big influence. I was very happy to find that this kind of Chinese-style stuff is liked and loved by some people.

I have a sense of accomplishment. On the one hand, I can present these wild imaginations; on the other hand, maybe we can lead an industry or increase the creativity of the entire industry by relying on the out of the circle of “Rolling Bead Curtain” .

There are a lot of people in this industry, but most of them are defeated by reality due to the pressure of life. I used to do the same. I took photos for a long time and repeated the assembly line for several years. But there is no way, I need to work, I need to make money. But don’t let yourself be too easy.

Every day I opened my eyes, and two guests came to take pictures and retouched the pictures. Two more guests came in the next day and repeated this every day. It was no different from going to work, except that the office was changed from the office building to the studio. So usually go to see the outside world more, do something different, no matter what you do well or not, you have to try.

No one can meet the standards in all works, and we also make deviations, but what about him? Let’s do it first.


This article comes from the WeChat public account “Houlang Institute” (ID: youth36kr), the authors: Yang Xiaotong, Wei Weizi, 36 krypton is authorized to release.


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