After taking the free second and rushing to the best-selling 34, this martial arts version of “Travel Frog” has been quietly launched for 5 days

“Jiang Hu You You” “Quie Mimi” has been online for five days.

You can’t see any huge marketing campaigns and overwhelming purchase ads, and you can’t even see what KOLs and big UP owners have any content direction cooperation. Station B has the combined transportation of “Jiang Hu You You”, but the related content basically has no traffic. Moments, QQ groups, Weibo, Zhihu, you can hardly see people talking about it on most mainstream social platforms.

Except Taptap.

Taptap is the only announcement of “Jian Hu You You”, and the official development log has been continuously updated for nearly three years. I first noticed that “Jiang Hu You You” was a test they released on Taptap in October 2018, which was also very low-key. At that time, like me, many people were attracted by the slow-paced pastoral martial arts. This was also the basic disc of “Jianghu Youyou”.

To a certain extent, “Jiang Hu You You” can be said to be Taptap native game, because this game started here and also developed here-most of the attention and traffic of the game comes from Taptap, so it is not surprising why it is currently Only Taptap is online on the Android side, and other channel servers are still in reservation status.

The result of the game in Taptap is: the day it went online, it rushed to the top of the hot list, and the current hot play list (according to the number of players’ game launches) surpassed “Glory of the King” and “Moore Manor”.

It has a score of 8.5 and has nearly one million downloads.

The iOS end result is also good. The download list is the highest and second, and the best-selling list rushed to 34. Although it’s not dazzling, it is really rare for such a general Buddhist game that does not emphasize liver krypton and sells appearance (audio and visual performance/with or without IP, etc.).

Wuxia Jianghu version of “Traveling Frog”

If it is simply and roughly summarized, the core essence of “Jianghu Youyou” is the enhanced version of “Traveling Frog”, the same place travel + Buddhist training + healing. Recently, there have been many similar games, such as the mobile game “The Walnut Diary”. Of course, everyone will make content packaging that matches them according to the characteristics of their own themes and the different development objects, and increase the development line and more serious gameplay.

The core cycle of “Jian Hu You You” is well understood. It is to grow land to harvest vegetables to produce resources, and to process resources for characters to travel far away, and to bring back resources back and forth from a long journey.

Legend: Farming-Cooking-Traveling-Return

Outside of this backbone system, there is room for the development team to play freely.

Since it is the subject of martial arts, there is no martial arts, martial arts, and magical soldiers. The first thing to mention in “Jiang Hu You You” is naturally their fighting part. I thought it was a text collision, but I didn’t expect it to be a nose and eye. The characters have complete combat actions, parry and block. The battle has blood internal strength armor, BUFF skill CD and move restraint, and players can even manually control the timing of skill release.

And the relevant elements are very rich, not simply competing for combat power.

And as the two main lines of battle: moves and weapons, there is no perfunctory thing. They made seven martial arts schools with great care, each with three martial arts schools, and each martial arts school has about 6-9 moves.

Different schools and different moves will have different numerical characteristics.

And the corresponding animation.

For the entire martial arts system, the rarity (numerical value) of the moves, the effect of the skills, and the linkage between them must be considered. Equipped with the martial arts school of the same sect, there are bonuses, and the Jianghu sect can be put in as any sect. You need to figure out the matching direction.

Another thing that affects the direction of combat is weapons. Weapons also have many numerical designs, too many to make people wonder whether it is necessary to make the numerical values ​​so complicated for such a Buddhist game of placing and raising a baby.

But the answer is: yes. Because the battle part is the most core gameplay system in the game outside of the Buddha family, and it is also the core development part of the game, as well as the payment point.

First of all, the victory or defeat of the battle determines whether a lot of the story flow can continue. In the main playability part of the game-Xia Dao, the battle is a very important point of training. In the subsequent social part of stealing wine and fruit, grievances, and villages, fighting is also a key gameplay. A considerable part of the fun of the game lies in the process of developing martial arts routines, improving your fighting intensity, and playing against different sects.

Secondly, the level of training in the combat part is where the various development lines of the game finally converge: 1. Long travel can bring back potential to improve the level of moves; 2. Bring back the remnant page of martial arts for advancement; 3. Prestige coins can be exchanged for ten consecutive draw coupons to draw martial arts moves; 4. The brewing materials brought back, and the wine brewed determine the martial arts of the martial arts first to be brought back next time you go out. In short, the stronger the combat power, the better training resources can be obtained, and the better the resources, the more characters can be used for combat.

In short, fighting is the most important gameplay in “Jiang Hu You You”, and it is also the most favorite or most important part of players. The reason for this design is naturally because the game has made the battle a core pay point-ten consecutive draws, otherwise it may be difficult for “Jianghu Youyou” to make it into the top 50 best sellers.

However, fighting is not the whole story of “Jiang Hu You You”.

The reason why the game is in Taptap, a community that is very sensitive to krypton gold, can maintain a score of 8.6 after being launched for 5 days. One very important reason is that the game does not force krypton, nor does it force the liver. Although there are payment pits, it does not. Will kick the player in. Players who were attracted by the characteristics of “Jiang Hu You You” still got what they wanted.

Pastoral style of rivers and lakes life

The original idea of ​​the producer for “Jiang Hu You You” is: I want to make a Jiang Hu game. A house, a person, farming, cooking, and by the way, raise a dog. However, this seems very lonely. I don’t like loneliness. Loneliness is a carnival of one person. There should be many people, many stories, and many endless dreams.

And “Jiang Hu You You” is indeed developed and designed around this scene.

For farming and cooking, you have to have rice, wheat, green onion, ginger, garlic, and chili. If you have the ingredients, you should be able to cook. You can’t just be vegetarian, you should be able to go to the market to buy meat and to fetch water from the well. The ingredients are reasonably matched with the ingredients, and some small seasonings are added to make the dishes. The development team drew the schematic diagrams of each ingredient and dish sufficiently detailed and unique, without heavy patterns. And what kind of food to bring out also determines where the character goes and what type of events he will encounter.

People in the rivers and lakes have to eat, drink, and take medicine when they are sick. Therefore, we must be able to make wine and make alchemy. In order to match the scene of the old Chinese doctors in the rivers and lakes, the game also adds a consultation game. It is not necessary to take the medicine directly. It is necessary to ask the specific time of the encounter first, and then use the methods of looking (tuina), smelling (acupuncture), cutting, etc. (cupping) according to the description to confirm the diagnosis. The final diagnosis result (principle) will also be included in the diagnosis book for future reference.

You have to have a backyard where you can plant fruit trees, raise chickens and lay eggs, and feces and fallen leaves can be used for composting. If you have free time, you can drive stakes to try the newly studied martial arts routines.

A person is lonely and raises a kitten and a puppy.

You can also dress yourself up and transform your little home.

Practice is really important, but it’s not that important either. What players can consume is not only numerical values, but also landscapes, pastoral, and character stories. In fact, the story is really everywhere in “Jian Hu You You”, the real core driving force behind the value, and the emotional basis for players to pay for it.

Everyone has a story

The story of the game starts when the master goes out and the characters live independently.

There are many narrative methods in the game. In Xia Dao, you can talk to key characters, learn about his life and past, and make your own choices about events; you will also encounter some adventures that require players to pass attribute checks or give props to develop the story; there is also a main line The plot will be displayed in a long-length comic style, and the character of the player will be changed according to the player’s choice.

Righteousness and evil, recklessness, enthusiasm and indifference, different personalities will affect the outcome of different events.

Legend: However, the value and copywriting affected by the current decision still need to be optimized

The character will travel back to the story, the NPC friends in the game will write to the player, and at home will recall the story of the child and the master.

According to my personal limited experience, the official provides at least 8-10 narrative methods, scattered in the various gameplay methods of the game. Almost every paragraph is deepening the player’s impression and cognition of the character and the whole arena, and this is the basis for establishing an emotional connection. Compared with the martial arts battle and simulation management just mentioned, the plot is what I think is the most brilliant place in “Jiang Hu You You”.

More importantly, the plot is not only unilaterally produced by the government. The development team also provides a series of tools and display platforms to allow players to participate.

From cover customization, protagonist character design, script name to each specific dialogue, background board, and vertical drawing design, “Jianghu Youyou” provides a very easy operation process with almost no threshold. After the work is released, the game also has bounties (game currency), likes, fans, creation level and other indicators to encourage users to continue to create.

Now the most popular are game strategies and hidden easter eggs, but the number of stories and plots is gradually increasing.

In addition to the unilateral output of the story text for people to read, it is possible that the interaction between the player and the player is also a kind of jianghu story, or even more real.

To be honest, the social gameplay of “Jiang Hu You You” is a little bit beyond my expectations. They made the river lamp system a topic, and players can write down the topic by themselves and put it out for discussion. The comments that have the most likes will be topped, but those with too much controversy will also be folded, just like a small Weibo.

The game also strictly manages the user’s friends, you can’t directly search and search to add all, but you must enter the ID to specify the addition. And the first time you can only write to the other party, the two parties become strangers after checking, and the second time they can apply to become friends. In order to restore the long-distance sense of time in ancient letters, ordinary letters will not be delivered to the other party the next day.

After becoming friends, you can visit each other and throw coins to pray for each other. The host family can also prepare wine and food in advance to entertain guests. Of course, you can also steal alcohol, and then be found to be the enemy.

When the character reaches the ninth level, it will be automatically assigned to a village, which is equivalent to a gang.

The special thing about this village is that they have set up many jobs with salaries, dividends, and related functions for the village. The store manager is responsible for purchasing merchandise, discounting, and taking into account the needs of other villagers while making money; Juyiwei is the security guard, mainly to prevent other tribes from stealing vegetables and dealing with various battle copies related to the village; in addition, There are also those who manage plantations, those who raise fish, and those who raise animals. Different occupations have different risks and benefits.

The pastoral rivers and lakes create a game atmosphere, the storyline acts as the consumer content, the battle value is the core gameplay and the means of monetization, and finally use social interaction to generate user stickiness and long-tail communication effects. Although “Jiang Hu You You” looks like an indie game that doesn’t know the depth of the market, their thinking about the product and the market is by no means a newcomer.

And their real big move-Xia Dao exploration level, has not been released yet. The game was played for three years and also tested for three years. Exploring levels is the highlight of the second test and the third test (two times are different). Simply put, the exploration level is a small copy with a complete story. Players explore, collect, fight, walk through the plot, and interact with NPCs, which can be compared to the level design of “Hundred Scenes of Jiangnan” or “Han River Squirrel”.

This gameplay should be the core and most important part of the game, but due to the conflict of different user needs and the unsure of the impact of the copy on the original game content, the team deleted this gameplay after the third test.

But this undoubtedly made the game lose quite a lot of highlights. After the game’s public beta, many players hoped that the Xiadao gameplay could return, so the team finally decided to restore (optimize) the second test Xiadao content that was relatively more recognized by the players.

As for whether this big move can finally take the game to the next level, let Wuhan Wangxian gain a firm foothold in the market and earn money while standing, we have to leave time to answer.

Source: Game Tea House


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